Top Anticipated/Hopeful Announcements To Hear From E3 2015

With just over a month to the biggest gaming event of the year GamersFTW has decided to kick off the hype machine that is the build-up to E3! What better place to start than with a look at the most anticipated and hopeful announcements that we all want to hear from the gaming expo?

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Kurisu1259d ago

I can see a 1TB console announcement from both Sony and Microsoft. However I think if there are any slim announcements it will just be Microsoft. Sony have the momentum going so I don't think they need a slim model yet, but if they lowered the price of the 500GB model and then announced a 1TB at the price of what PS4 is currently selling for now then that could be quite a competitive move.

But who knows. Anything is possible...Portal 3 please!!!

Shillmeister1259d ago

There have been some apparently leaked designs for a PS4 slim, so they've got to be working on one but as you said releasing a slim console would really benefit Microsoft more than Sony, so maybe Sony will wait another year. Shall soon find out! :)

Also I agree with the Portal 3 shout, more Portal can only be a good thing!

breakpad1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

Crash...can Sony announce that has bought Crash and is in development?..that s enough for me

Kurisu1258d ago

Oh have there? I haven't seen any. It would be interesting to see how slim they could make a new model, considering the PS4 is already pretty slim compared to say a launch PS3 or Xbox One.

Gamer19821258d ago

Slim consoles could happen to reduce costs but increasing hard drives wont because of that reason. Unless they add it as a new SKU. Hoenstly its so damn easy to swap out a HDD on ps4 or add an external HDD to you xbox nowadays you don't need a new SKU. Anybody with a screwdriver can swap out there ps4 hard drive watching a kid on youtube show them how.

AudioEppa1258d ago

I really hope ps4 gets a price cut, maybe then some lazy friends get one and be done with ps3!

The 10th Rider1258d ago

I don't own a PS3, to be honest...But why would you want to be done with it? It has fantastic games and the PS4 is not backwards compatible. Maybe a PS4 to compliment their PS3?

EazyC1258d ago

Fallout 4 should occupy the top 3 slots! And of course, Dishonored 2!

Even as a non-XB1 owner, I can't wait to see what that new Crackdown looks like, the first one rocked!

billybehr1258d ago

Loved Crackdown. I got that disc for Crackdown, not the silly Halo demo or whatever was on it too.

DarkBlood1258d ago

Anybody has a definite idea when E3 is starting? I need to know what work days not to check off lol

Gamer19821258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

GT7 and hopefully S-E finally gets there a**es into gear and do a ffvii remake as they have already remade 1-6 and since 7 is the one most ff fans want and now is the perfect time.. It makes sense S-E DO IT! I would also love a new Suikoden but as we know Konami are probably getting out of the gaming industry after MGS.
I think Fallout by now is a given and they might as well just tell us already as they have been leaking stuff from that game and covering the leaks for way too long now.

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