Assassin’s Creed Syndicate fumbled the reveal of Evie

After plenty of leaks and rumors, Ubisoft finally announced this year’s Assassin’s Creed game today, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. The trailers and demo are action packed and gorgeous, the new locale of London on the brink of the Industrial Revolution is fascinating, and all the new gameplay elements including the rope launcher, the carriages, the six-shooter, all beg to be played with. But there is one thing that just still seems off about the whole thing.

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DragonKnight1229d ago

"With the current state of the video game industry, with Gamergate and even small games like Life is Strange being held up by publishers for not having a male lead, now is the perfect time for someone to step up and deliver a great game with a great female protagonist. But this isn’t just an equality thing. It is also a business decision for Ubisoft, a business decision that so far makes little to no sense."

B.S. it's not an equality thing. Your entire article is whining about EARLY promotional material because the female protagonist isn't as in your face as you'd like her to be right away. Have you even once considered that Ubisoft have other promotions in mind for the game? Maybe an entire trailer dedicated to just Evie? No, of course not. You're only concerned that a fictional women isn't made to be "the boss" you want her to be. Then you follow it up with this...

"At this year’s GDC, two game developers, Rosalind Wiseman and Ashly Burch showed the findings of a study they had conducted on middle school and high school students. They actually found that having the standard male protagonist alienated more female gamers than it managed to attract male gamers. Overall, past middle school, male gamers cared less about whether a lead was male, a fact going directly in the face of prevailing theories about what sells games."

First of all, most men have never cared about what gender the protagonist is. And I'm talking 40+ years of not caring. We care about the game/character being good, not what fake genitals they have between their legs. Any gamer worth their salt could have told you that without spending money on it. Second of all, the study invented its own conclusion. Taken from the page...

"Rosalind Wiseman and Ashly Burch conducted a survey in spring of 2014, asking middle school and high school students a number of questions all centered around gender and gaming. They found that while 60% of high school girls prefer playing a female lead, only 39% of high school boys prefer a male lead. 46% of the high school boys said they have no preference at all.

So basically, male leads in games actually alienate more women than they manage to attract men."

The study in no way says females WON'T play as male characters, just that they'd prefer to play as female characters if given the option. The study invented the idea that women avoid games with male leads, and that's preposterous.

What's also preposterous is the people selected for the study. Middle schoolers and High schoolers are not the ones buying games. They are not even the average demographic for games. The average gamer is a male in his 30s to 40s in terms of majority, but there are older gamers. They are the ones buying games and supporting the industry, they are the ones you should be asking. The end result would be the same anyway, men don't care about the gender of character they are playing as. If the game is good, they'll play it.

The frickin' study itself needs to be dissected and now that I know about it, I'll have to do just that. But don't try to sell this "it's not about equality" B.S. to anyone. Actually, you're right, it's not about equality because it's never been about equality. It's about advancement, superior position, identity politics, and agenda pushing.

You can't be happy that Evie is main protagonist, no, she has to be front and center in promotional material directly beside her brother. But I bet if she were in front of him, you wouldn't be complaining that he was in the background now would you?

stimm161229d ago

Thank you so much for your opinion and taking the time to read the article. Its true, the study wasn't perfect, and it is important to have dialogues about this kind of stuff.
Ultimately however, I have to disagree with your last point. Forgetting about gender completely, Ubisoft announced a game where they claim the narrative is built from the ground up around two primary protagonists, both playable throughout the game. Alongside that announcement, all of the promotional material, box art, and discussion of the game has heavily favored one protagonist over the other, the second announced, but totally ignored. Even if both were male, even if the genders were reversed, it would still seem strange. The oddness of the announcement was the main aspect I was trying to draw attention to.

DragonKnight1229d ago

We also saw pre-alpha footage of the game. You're talking about the earliest of promotional materials and making a claim that it's "not enough" that Evie's position is rendered unimportant because the first of the officially released promotional materials contains the ideas they started out with and are still working on. You're more concerned with the promotional material than being happy that Evie is a playable character. This is what's called a no win scenario. Ubisoft makes a playable female protagonist because of all the whining coming from Unity, and they are still being hammered because she's not standing beside her brother in the promotional material and you didn't get to see her gameplay in pre-alpha footage?

This why the "first world problems" meme was created. Rather than looking at the glass being half full, you're (in a general sense, not you specifically) always looking at the empty air left in the glass that you think should be filled with a particular liquid.

_-EDMIX-_1229d ago

....I see.

"Ubisoft announced a game where they claim the narrative is built from the ground up around two primary protagonists"


" heavily favored one protagonist over the other"

Soooo UBISOFT did this? Yes....UBISOFT....its THEIR GAME! They can do what ever they want with it. Dude, STFU! No one cares, stop trying to interject some sort of rights with games, it makes no sense.

Its subjective art, you have zero say in how they create games. Want a game with a female lead? Make one....thats it. I don't get the whining and crying and bashing publishers etc.

Make your own damn game and stop trying to tell artist what YOU WANT! Last I recall, they create and you buy what they create BY CHOICE, its not a right.

Artist, consumer....learn the difference. This whole equality thing has zero place in gaming. We have many, many female roles in gaming and no one is stopping and of the "protesters" from making your own damn games...

No one can "exclusively" make games, you don't need a big publisher to do so, or a lot of money to due so, hell or any of your own money at all for that matter.

The folks creating games have all their right to create what they want, not creating content based on "equality".

FullmetalRoyale1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

It's not equality if you're forced/expected to favor one over the other. I completely agree with you.

AtomicGerbil1229d ago

Well said, It's getting increasingly unbearable contstantly reading misandrist opinions thinly disguised as equality championing.

Serenity251229d ago

I'll play as a guy or a girl even as a girl myself. Im glad we can play as a woman in the new Assassin's Creed, but peeps do make too big of a deal about it.

DragonKnight1229d ago

Please procreate as much as you can to spread your brand of rational thought in the world. We need more women saying "uh, I don't really care what I play as, as long as it's good."

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spartanlemur1229d ago

Another grovelling white male trying desperately to sleep with feminists.

See, I get female feminists: they're just greedy. Fair enough. Male feminists, however, are either duplicitous, or idiotic tools manipulated by progressives.