Gamervision Preview: Champions Online


''While walking around Take-Two's room at the Electronics Entertainment Expo I noticed a lot of people wearing Champions Online shirts, and eventually I asked if I could get a sneak peak. I was ushered into a room with a few other members of the press where two Xbox 360's were playing the game, live in the room. It wasn't a demo, or a video, it was the full game, and they were connected to the Champions Online servers.

The graphics were made to suit a superhero game well, and are stylized to appear as comic-like and cartooney as possible. Hitting enemies even displayed the occasional "BAM" or "SMASH," further immersing me into the game. Gameplay looked like a typical MMO in terms of combat, but has more action elements than traditional MMORPGs. Giving players the ability to block, grab, and complete other actions should set the game apart from the typical RPG experience. The developers at Cryptic, who were demoing the game, promised us that there would be an unprecedented amount of customization, in both the looks and abilities of the heroes. From our limited look it did appear that there were many different ways to build characters, and I hope that they are successful in living up to this promise.''

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