Has the Assassin’s Creed Series Lost Its Way?

Dan Naylor: "On the surface it looks pretty good. Assassin’s Creed fans have long called for a game set in Victorian London, and with it’s dirty, crime filled streets it certainly seems like the perfect setting for a series that sees you striking from the shadows. Watching the live stream however, I couldn’t help but feel the lessons learnt from Unity have already been discarded."

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Sayburr1314d ago

Yeah, but instead of "like Batman" the grapple line makes me think of Spiderman.

I was first a little excited by the "gangs", but I just don't know at this point if they have lost their way or I just got on a different road than UBI.

kingeliran1313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )

I studied App devepment i can tell you that ubisoft doing it the cheap way using app development tactic:

Ubisoft basically reskin AC using the same code from older builds just chainging cosmetics and adding very little code and new features.
Same goes to cheap apps in applestore they take for a example temple run game changing the character looks and the environments adding very few things in code, and Rerelease the game with a new name.

Now understand its not a bad way to make games but for AAA titles it is shameful because app are free making money only from ads, and people expect from an AAA game somthing new and fresh and ubi is abusing that tactic of Reskining games, that tactic works great for AAA titles only if they Improve and add alot of stuff to the old code like they did with AC 3 or black flag, they really watered it down since making only few changes Reskining And selling it for 60$.