Castlevania spiritual successor just topped $1.75M on Kickstarter, only one stretch goal left

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, the next game from former Castlevania producer Koji Igarashi, topped $1,750,000 in its Kickstarter this morning nearing the game's final stretch goal.

It took less than a day for the game to hit its $500,000 goal, which is meant to fund just 10 percent of the game and prove to the investors backing the other 90 percent that there is interest from gamers. The game hit $1 million the day after the Kickstarter went live.

The funding has brought with it a slew of stretch goals including a new boss, new playable character, nightmare mode, local co-op and, this morning at $1,750,000, a speed run mode. The final stretch goal, achieved at $2 million, is a boss rush mode.

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darthv721312d ago

it took less than 24hrs for the game to hit the million+ mark. by mid day yesterday it was over the $1.5mil mark and as of this morning its passed the $1.75mil mark.

Most projects seem to slow down on the influx of $$ when people see its reached it's goals. I hope that the next 30 days it keeps raking it in.

Timesplitter141311d ago (Edited 1311d ago )

I'm kinda curious to see what this game would look like with a $10mil budget. I wouldn't be surprised if they reached it, with 30 days left

Also, makes me wonder just how much money Kojima could raise if he did like Koji and crowd-funded a Silent Hill spiritual successor? (probably 50 trillion dollars)

darthv721311d ago (Edited 1311d ago )

My understanding is kickstarters reach out to the consumers for a portion of the funding. Like a retainer.

If the goal is met then the rest of the funding is provided by other financial backers. Not even sure what the initial budget goal is for this game.

MoveTheGlow1311d ago

It often picks up right near the end, though. If they add some extra boss-related or extra stage stretch goals, it'll surge by Day 30.

I'd love to see a "Flipped World" goal for a post-game inverted map with new enemies. You know, like that... other game...

Clogmaster1311d ago

How much did Mighty No. 9 make in the first 48 hours?

I looked up the current pledge amount and it is at $3.8 Million.

BG115791311d ago

Konami should really reconsidered their position about console gaming is dead...
Now I'm waiting for Hideo Kojima's kickstarter...

darthv721311d ago

if he did decide to join kickstarter... i would hope he does a retro style stealth game in the vein of the rebirth games that were on wiiware.

Perhaps Konami retained the rights to the metal gear name and solid snake, etc. but he could come up with something similar without crossing too many lines.

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Roccetarius1311d ago

I'm guessing people are interested in another game by Koji, which would never have been made if he had still been imprisoned at Konami.

This is just one of many possible kS projects from known developers.

NoctisPendragon1311d ago

His video did surly help it .

Testfire1311d ago Show
MoveTheGlow1311d ago

And this is just the funding to prove to investors that people are interested. You can definitely add the investments on top of that, because holy crap, did he ever show them some interest. The whole campaign's quite brilliant, with achievements related to social metrics you'd present at a venture capital meeting. And it's out there for everyone to see at all times in a fun way.

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