Gamervision Hands-On Preview: The Wheelman

Gamervision reports:

''Earlier today I had a chance to sit down with Midway and play through a few levels of The Wheelman, developed by Vin Deisel's development team, Trigon Studios (best known for Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay. They hope to create an IP that can be used in movies, games, and every other kind of media, starting with the videogame releasing later this year. The lead character, Rich Wilkes is based on Vin Deisel, sharing his likeness and voice.

Watching the game being played doesn't do it justice, and once I had my hands on the controller I definitely liked what I saw. The game was developed on the Unreal Engine and definitely shares some of the scars of titles that have used it. Textures looks slightly dulled and everything has a slight grayish feel. The Wheelman is also to reap some of the benefits of the engine, namely a good physics system and steady framerate. Throughout my play I had a few issues with the title like the abovementioned graphical inadequacies, some control problems, and some shoddy animations, but most of those problems should be fixed when the game ships later this year.''

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