Gamervision Review: Guitar Hero On Tour

Gamervision reports:

''It's hard to remember how much of an impact Guitar Hero had on the gaming world when it was first introduced, waaaaayy back in 2005. Today, we seemingly have several thousand rhythm games to fill anyone's needs. You've got your Rock Band, your Battle of the Bands, and I'm sure that out there somewhere, someone is working on Accordion Deity. But the fact is the Red Octane started the whole thing, bringing a mini Gibson SG to PS2s all over the world and basically creating a billion dollar a year market. Cut to today where the market is inundated with duplications and imitators. But Red Octane is at it again, hoping to redefine the genre with Guitar Hero On Tour, the franchise's first attempt at a handheld version.

Before I get into the breakdown of the game, I have to talk about the controller. Guitar Hero, and other games of similar ilk, are essentially defined by their controller. Sure, you could unplug the guitar and play GH on your console's control pad, but that's not the way the game was meant to be played. Similarly, On Tour brings the "Guitar Grip" to the DS. Where the home versions have five buttons, On Tour has four. Where the other consoles get a strum bar, the DS version has you strum on the touch screen with the stylus. Star Power used to be unlocked by tilting the guitar up, but now you yell (or blow) into the DS microphone.''

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