PlayStation Italy GM Comments on Local PS4 Dominance; Expresses Pride and Respect for Competitors

DualShockers talked with PlayStation Italy General manager Marco Saletta, and he gave more insight on the PS4's dominance in the country, expressing respect for competitors, and the expectation for them to try and bounce back.

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Transistor1285d ago

70% market control is a very good number to put up, which should just accelerate with the snow ball effect as this generation goes on.

Congratulations Italy, you have great taste.

Abriael1285d ago

Definitely a good number. Italy has always pretty much been a Sony country even when PS3 struggled.

Transistor1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

PS4 is up 60% from the PS3. But yeah, Italy knows what's going on.

Magicite1285d ago

Isnt this right for almost every non-USA/UK country?

1285d ago
italiangamer1285d ago

Oh yeah, show the Redmond guys who is the boss lol

timlot1285d ago ShowReplies(2)
jjonez181285d ago

The only competition comes from NA, and UK. Everywhere else is a one-horse race. Seems like Playstation 4 has some good news about numbers every week. Milestones in Spain, Germany, UK, Japan, Portugal, etc.. All within the last month. The good news continues tomorrow with NPD.

Ninver1285d ago

It's gonna be a bloodbath here on n4g. I'm readying the popcorn. Starting price $20 each lol.