Destiny House of Wolves: how to reach Light level 34 on day one

If you want to reach the new maximum Light level of 34 in Destiny as soon as House of Wolves is live, you’ll need to go in prepared.

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ceejaa1312d ago

I need shards or a ton of black wax idols 😢

kayoss1312d ago

I need shards to level up lots of my Raid gears. My biggest mistake was creating only one character and playing with that character for over 7 months. By having one character, i couldnt cash in some of the loot that the raids gives you. one character means one times the loot, where as 3 characters equal to three times the loot.

Mikelarry1312d ago

lol blow through the content day one then complain " destiny content is lacking" come on now

KwietStorm1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

It is lacking in content, terribly. That isn't debatable. How quickly someone goes through what is available is another story.

Mikelarry1312d ago

Trust me I know it is lacking (been playing since alpha), but blowing through the trickling content on day one should not be encouraged

Man_Marmalade1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

let's not forget the disappointment when it was released and the game was being beaten within 3-4 hours At least the crucible has some really fun pvp

Baka-akaB1312d ago

but what's the point of trying to stretch what will clearly be a few hours of content into a month ?

It is what it is , no pacing is going to change that .

cfc831312d ago

I bought this game the other day, and i'm not overly impressed so far. Turning is clumsy, and multiplayer happens too fast, especially when i'm starting out with crap weapons. Does this game play better on ps4, because i tried the alpha and beta on ps4, and it felt alot better than my xb1 retail copy ? Double tapping the 'x' button made the player flot quickly during alpha and beta, whereas double tapping 'a' feels groggy and slow ? Did they change something, or do i need to upgrade ?

Nio-Nai1312d ago

You possibly need to upgrade your stats.

I'm running full warlock voidwalker, and have my stats to max armor with a MMT +2 agility and still feel insanely fast in my movement.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1312d ago

You blink jump shotgunning? ;) that's all I do with my voidwalker

Nio-Nai1312d ago

No, I'll switch from blink to glide, I rock MMT and only use my shotgun (*Found Verdict*) if I get in a bad situation, I like staying medium ranged.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1312d ago

Believe me your weapons ability will get better, just get to at least lvl 20 before crucible it is a lot of fun, especially with friends. The TTK is higher than lots of games and very few force you to get sustained headshots like destiny.

As for your jump that could be the class you chose, or lack of upgrades unlocked for the jump.

bananaboats1312d ago

first off what lvl/class are you. second, the weapons all do the same amount of damage within the same class. meaning all scout rifles hit for the same amaount in pvp regardless of lvl, all auto rifles do the same damage, blah blah blah. The only differences would be the stats like fire rate and stability and so on.

as far as the jumping goes, nothing should be different in terms of speed between the two consoles. it mightve been adjusted between the beta and retail.

cfc831312d ago

Warlock human lvl 7

I played 6 vs 6 in the crucible, and got nowhere. If i shot someone 5 or 6 times, they would just turn round and shoot me once or twice. It all happened fast.

kayoss1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

Your level should not matter when it comes to the crucible. Everyone will start on a level playing field. The gun that you have will make a difference though. I hated the crucible because i really suck at it. The only reason why i play the crucible are:
1. Rank up my crucible
2. Complete bounties
3. Complete the exotic bounties

Lots of people play the crucible to get a chance at a good reward. I've never got anything good out of the crucible so i never play it for the chance of a legendary reward or exotic reward.

I think you just need more time to get use to this game. The Warlock in my opinion have one of the worst jump in the game when compared to the other two classes. I say start off with a Hunter.

GameSpawn1312d ago


Hunter's are actually the worst jumpers compared to Titans and Warlocks from an overall standpoint. Titans and Warlocks can jump higher and farther and glide longer than Hunters. Hunters have faster jumps (they are less floaty), but as a result they don't jump vary high or far.

If you do use a Hunter the triple jump in the Gunslinger sub-class is the best you'll do for height and distance (aka getting to tricky areas - specifically while looking for dead ghosts in the PvE areas).

If you want more height and control Titans and Warlocks have abilities that help greatly in this area. If you want jump quickly with these two classes, you'll need to equip "blink" jump to make up for their "floaty" natures [sorry no Blink for Titans unless Bungie adds it in a third sub-class].

kayoss1311d ago

I agree with you. But The problem I have with the Titans and Warlocks jumps is because they float in the air. This is very frustrating when you are playing PvP. There are countless of time where im trying to jump out the way but im floating in the air and I get sniped mid air. There are also times in PvE where im trying to jump out of the way and my Titan is hanging in mid air against a wall.
The hunters jump, eventhough limited by its height, to me its more versaltile and easier to control.

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Pathogenic1312d ago

I just got back into Destiny since the first raid. I liked the first expansion and I can't wait to dive into House Of Wolves come the 19th. I finished Crota on easy and hard but still need to finish the main campaign. Until then it's time to grind.

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