Multiple Officials State That DLC is the Future

Whether the platform of choice is a console, PC or mobile device, DLC has become a more prominent fixture in the industry since the public rollout of the Internet. While some users have been either disgusted or elated by the ever-increasing (and sometimes, never-ending) demands in-game to purchase new content, industry leaders have touted that “DLC is the future”.

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KryptoniteTail1311d ago

Good DLC is. Bad practices will kill the concept eventually.

nX1311d ago

Yeah I think that good DLC does exist. It's just publishers like EA, Ubisoft and especially Activision with their 15$ mappacks that drag this whole thing down. I would still prefer full expansions like in the old days but I certainly don't mind well-priced DLC.

darthv721311d ago

like anything that starts out with good intentions... it just takes a few to come along and ruin it for the rest.

Nintendo and the mario kart track packs are good dlc. you can buy them separately but you get a better deal if you bought both at the same time. and they are looking to keep adding more.

freshslicepizza1311d ago

of course they will use dlc. what it does is allows them to test games. if the game sells poorly they can always just cancel any future dlc.

so many games now have dlc being made during development. it's just another tool to try and get more money out of the consumer. done well and consumers will support it, done poorly and you risk losing customers.

OUROSMAG1311d ago

And the consumer keeps buying it. Everyone says "vote with your wallet" but rush out and buy whatever garbage is presented to them..

If everyone said no.. and refused to buy DLC this wouldn't be the future.

Tsubasa-Oozora1311d ago

90% of DLC's are just money grabbing opportunities that are not worth it.

If everybody follows RockSTar path then yeah, I'm all for DLC. GTA single-player DLC are legit DLC's, Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon is a legit DLC. COD 50$ package is a good DLC.

There are just too many examples of bad DLC and stupid consumers