PES 2016: despite rumors, Konami did not cancel the game "After the disagreements with Kojima, the abandon of Wall Street and the few games published in the West, many feared that PES 2016 would been cancelled by Konami."

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Bathyj1281d ago

Would anyone care if they did?

DarkOcelet1281d ago

Its better than FIFA.

And they would be ever more stupider if they did cancel it.

nX1281d ago (Edited 1281d ago )

Yes, this is definitely good news. FIFA went down the drain a long time ago, up to the point where I hate people that play and support this game. PES15 was close to being the perfect football game so it would be a shame if Konami's midlife crisis ruined this franchise.

Speak_da_Truth1281d ago

Oh yes I will considering now that all EA cares about is how much they're gonna make in FUT each year instead of making a better game than Fifa 11 on the Ps3/360.

hesido1281d ago

You don't know how popular PES is I guess?

It's the de facto football game for many.

5yb5n6u1281d ago

"for many" as in who?
for a footie game, it alway does best in europe and look how well fifa doing there.
their games always on the chart weekly for a year

jackwei221281d ago

The video game football fans in Europe, Asia and South America would as PES 2015 did very well and we're hoping for sequel.

3-4-51281d ago

I've bought both PES & Fifa the past few years.

PES does the little things right. It's better at dribbling control and passing.

Fifa has better graphics and license.

Combining both games would be awesome.

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BlackPhillip6661281d ago

I'd be unhappy if Pes was canceled tbh without PES there would be no competition simple as that. For me PES is the better game atm as well.

FIFA royal screwed people over including myself with ultimate team i had invested quite a bit into it i'll not mention anymore on my stupidity except it was stupid for them to go rekt the market.

Add to that the game has a massive script running in it that decides games before you even get started playing. Those that don't believe this exist have been playing games five minutes are they are delusional.

Pes is a far more balanced game this year fixing issues that have been present for quite a while and for me returning to what had made the series fantastic in the first place.

There's nothing like the feeling when you are beat that knowing that the guy that beat you did it because he was better are it was a mistake you made. That's where PES wins out end off the day for me.

So yeah if they are continuing where they left off 2015 I'm happy.

jaeEvuhL1281d ago

Lmfao these comments are hilarious fifa will forever reign pes16 will come out and die out within 2 weeks enjoy that i guess

cyber_daemonx1281d ago

It would be a shame if PES disappeared, as it is nice to have an alternative to FIFA. Competition is good as they say, and PES is the superior footy game regardless of the official licence.