What I want to see in Fallout 4

Check out Gamespresso's burning thoughts on what they think Fallout 4 needs to have in the rumored next game in the Fallout series.

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ziggurcat1283d ago

I just want to see a game that doesn't crash more often the further you get into the game.

RDF1283d ago

truer words never spoken (bubs +1)

Ocsta1283d ago

I just want the game! Give it me! Give it me nowwwwwwwww!!!

gangsta_red1283d ago

I want to see some strong voice acting in Fallout 4. One of the best parts was hearing Malcolm McDowell giving his patriotic speeches through the wastelands. I want something similar to this.

DHagen101283d ago

I totally agree man. I almost put something about a protagonist with a voice, but the more I thought about, the more skeptical I was that it wouldn't work in a game like Fallout. That being said, some great supporting voices would be amazing!

RDF1283d ago

I want a economy that the player can influence,base building and vehicles.

LAWSON721283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

Really does seem like the next step after the decent job with Skyrim. I loved the economy in that game. I was a millionaire who bought all store goods like rings and alchemy ingredients and then upgraded and sold for a profit. They started something interesting with hearthstone and I would love to see that foundation based throughout all the games cities, though I think vehicles are unlikely.

wakeNbake1283d ago

They should add all 4 seasons with dynamic foliage.

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