Splatoon ranked battles to unlock as soon as a day after launch

As stated by nintendo representative in last night's google hangout.

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RmanX10001282d ago (Edited 1282d ago )

I still don't understand why they don't include this in the game and just have the Level 10 cap by itself? They say it's "To make sure everyone has a chance to get used to Splatoon" but if it already has a Level 10 requirement, why not include it on the disc and just have it be an unlock...?

Neonridr1282d ago

or even go the CoD: World at War way and have a special playlist only for the low ranked players - cap it at say level 3 or something like that. So new players have a place to go where they have a chance..

flamehaze421282d ago

I absolutely agree, it seems like getting to level 10 will be very easy. I picture people getting there within about 5 hours or so.

gangsta_red1282d ago

Yes, I hate this hand holding that a lot of these developers are forcing into their games.

Just put it out there and let the gamers game.

RmanX10001282d ago

Yes there is a ton of hand holding in this industry and that really irks me but I wouldn't call this hand holding per se. But... It's super unnecessary.

Trolltroll1282d ago

I feel you too but...I am hopeful that these weekly updates will be substantial enough to keep players on instead of deterring players from trying.

3-4-51281d ago

* Not enough people will even be ranked high enough to play battles with good connection.

* They want as many people as possible on a level playing field for when the ranked battles open up live.

* Instead of Ranked Battles being played by 3,000 people you will have 100,000 the minute it starts.

That is why they did those 1 hour stress tests last week.

JacketsNest1011281d ago

It is on disc, it's just locked behind a player level gate. I'd rather have actual competition when ranked battle launches then have a bunch of newbies trying to figure things out in a highly competitive game mode.

N4g_null1281d ago

I welcome the hand holding because just by looking at a few different guys play and how I play I can see a quake level skill range appearing fast. Which means some people will be unstoppable and the other will blame the game for not being able to compete. What would be great is if they actually just let us all join the servers we wanted to join and offer gamers a chance to run their own servers.

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Munnkyman1282d ago

I'm ok with this, have people learn the game before going on and not knowing how to play.