The Importance of Vulnerability (and How More Games Should Be Like Liam Neeson)

Liam says, "More than anything else, video games know how to deliver a power fantasy. Emotional complexity and storytelling deeper than a puddle of gory giblets can still be problematic, but boy, video games truly excel at making you feel like an all-conquering badass."

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hangdang1230d ago

Nothing should be like this sack of garbage. I know it's cool to like him, even though he's the same character in almost everything lately, but ever since he started bitching and complaining about guns, while becoming a mega movie star using fake guns, I can't take this clown seriously.

OhMyGandhi1230d ago

...did you read the article?

hangdang1228d ago

Nope, based solely on the headline

comebackkid98911230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

Liam Neeson is a staunch gun-control advocate who makes a living glorifying gun violence.

edit ^ or what he said lol

LightofDarkness1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

So? MMA fighters often advocate peaceful resolutions and nonviolent solutions to conflict, or pro wrestlers being very serious when they say "don't try this at home." By your reasoning all of these people are deserving of the same criticism. Sounds like you boys have an axe to grind.

comebackkid98911229d ago

I contend both of those positions are hypocritical.