Video: Nintendo’s 2015 Fiscal Financial Results – Nintendo in Numbers #1

In this first episode we go over some interesting findings from Nintendo’s 2015 fiscal financial results. We look over how much revenue and net income Nintendo made as well as explore Wii U and 3DS sales by comparing them to the last 2 generations.

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Concertoine1313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )

I thought this was pretty obvious by now. Whatever Nintendo's next steps are, they're crucial.

wonderfulmonkeyman1313d ago

Well, one of their next steps is expanding into theme parks.
I'm fairly sure the thought of the profits from that left a mess in the pants of a few of their investors.XD

3-4-51313d ago

uhhh this is kind of misleading.

They are still turning a good profit.

Dunban671312d ago

They just eked out their 1st annual profit in 4 years- and there is no guarantee they will make another next year-

their market share is less than 1/3 of what it was just a few years ago and revenues have fallen tremendously over the last 10-15+ years

stragomccloud1313d ago

And yet they still make money! Even when Nintendo is doing "bad," they're doing well.

wonderfulmonkeyman1313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )

Anything to downplay their recent reports of a return to making profit, eh?

Look, few things are ever gonna beat the Wii in sales, much less the PS2.
The PS3 MIGHT, due to drastcally lengthening how long they're continuing to make them while the Wii is now out of production, but that's just about it.

Heck, even at the rate the best-selling PS4 is going, even that might not hit the 100M mark without lengthening its console cycle like the PS3 did.
It's selling fast, but not that fast.
Unless it's got more casuals on it than I assume, that is...

And the DS was a revolution for handhelds; it's obvious Nintendo's not gonna reproduce that miracle in a short period, let alone twice in two gens worth of new machines.XD

It's entirely logical that Nintendo isn't gonna outsell their last gen given the differences.
Let's try focusing more on how they're gonna expand their business and make profits going forward, shall we?
Especially those theme park attractions...

LOL_WUT1313d ago

You don't know when to quit. This article is from nintendoenthusiast they're just stating the obvious in regard to Nintendo's finical reports. Theres no downplaying ;)

Dan_scruggs1313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )

It would be fun to see one of these made for Sony. It would be like... Guys the PS4 is doing SOOOOO well OMG. Sony as a whole is a complete unprofitable failure and the PS3 led the company to a near 6 billion dollars losses due to selling the console at a $250 loss per unit for over 3 years last gen but PS4 amiright?


Spotie1312d ago

So now Nintendo Enthusiast, a Nintendo centric website, it's trying to display Nintendo?