Assassin's Creed: Syndicate reveals special editions & DLC, but does it deserve your pre-order?

Dealspwn: "Assassin's Creed: Syndicate was only publicly revealed yesterday, but Ubisoft have already made no less than four special editions available to pre-order. Some of which include the season pass -- because of course there's a season pass -- and some of which don't. There will also be two downloadable mission packs and physical merchandise too.

Give me a moment to sigh in resigned exasperation before I quickly take you through it... before tackling what we'd consider to be a much more important issue. Do Syndicate and Ubisoft actually deserve your pre-order this time?"

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bggriffiths1230d ago

Urghhh, too many already. I bet there'll be more announced soon too. Look out for a few with Evie as a statue too after her gameplay is shown off at E3. If Elise can get a statue for Unity, this is going to happen. Naturally, you're a bit slow if you preorder after Unity's showing.

Blues Cowboy1230d ago

Followed by a GOTY edition.

"Naturally, you're a bit slow if you preorder after Unity's showing."

Fool me once...

ScorpiusX1230d ago

Don't know about this whole deserve concept, but one thing is for sure am getting it . Hopefully it's a statue of the top hat wearing Assassin.

Blues Cowboy1229d ago

If you're excited about the game and franchise, that's cool. However, after Unity (and other 2014 Ubisoft titles) I think a lot of gamers reckon that Ubisoft doesn't actually deserve our money in advance this time.

Blues Cowboy1229d ago

Yeah, I think that;s the smart play - at least until the game launches and reviews/streams release.