The Witcher 3 Leaked on Torrent Sites; CD Projekt RED is Asking Pirates for Their Support

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been leaked on torrent sites and CD Projekt is letting PC pirates know that the day-1 patch for the game will be available for all as a separate download.

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SaveFerris1310d ago

It's a shame that CD Projekt lose out on quite a large number of sales due to software piracy, and despite that they are still giving out the patch for anyone who holds a copy.

Eamon1310d ago

On the plus side, despite the fact everyone knew this was coming out on the DRM-free GOG, the Witcher 3 has over 1 million preorders.

I'm pretty sure a lot of people who download free games would have paid for Witcher 3. As it is a game worth paying for.

FullmetalRoyale1310d ago

I feel like if you don't think a game is worth paying for, then maybe you shouldn't be playing it. Good on CD for that patch move. Hopefully give the people stealing it an iota of shame. Sorry for that, I just cannot stand entitled people when I work hard for my money to buy things for myself and family.

Anyway, SO excited to play this game on my platform of choice, and I know we all are.

Omnisonne1310d ago


That would work, if those people actually had a form of conscience.
Most just take whatever they can get from others and still manage to smile in the mirror each day with not a spark of self reflection.

Dont get me wrong, I'm not completely innocent either, I download movie torrents quite often. But thats a one of a time thing, you dont go spending $25 on a new bluray that you'll probably watch once, maybe twice if good.

With games its different though, most devs work day and night and have nowhere near the personal income of Hollywood stars

Highlife1310d ago


Don't try to justify stealing movies and then say it's not ok for games. You do realize that there is a lot of work that goes in to those too. Have you ever watched the credits after a movie there are a lot of people working hard on those too not just the "stars". Own up to it. I don't care what you do but realize what you are doing.

Eamon1310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )

Well none of you are technically correct since piracy is legally copyright infringement and not theft.

I can guarantee that most people who "steal" movies or games, as you put it, don't feel ashamed or guilty at all because in their minds they're not stealing anything.

What CDprojekt is appealing to isn't so much their guilty conscience but to make pirates feel inclined to reward the developers, kinda like a tip in a sense.

This is what Valve tries to do. By adding a lot of free content, huge discounts, and great service. When you go to a restaurant, and you're given a fabulous meal with amazing service, you naturally feel the urge to want to tip them something extra. This is the smart business model unlike DRM which only ever effects legitimate buyers.

Omnisonne1310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )

@ Highlife

Fair enough. Though the main reason I deem pirating movies to be less serious than pirating games, is because for a single movie you get maybe 1-2 hours of entertainment, and especially newer movies can be quite pricy to buy. (unless you're subscribed to a service like netflix maybe)
Games in that sense give you alot more in return, making them more worth a full purchase.

Thats how I currently feel about it, though for my favourite movie series or trilogies I like to get a bluray collection

[Edit] And yes i'm aware it is still piracy (we'll just use that term for now Eamon)

DragonKnight1310d ago

More devs simply need to put anti-piracy trolling in games. Take a page from Ape when they made Earthbound. Let the player play the whole game until they get to the final boss, then the game crashes and erases their save. The butt hurt would be glorious.

Bansai1310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )

well damn, fckn pirates.

lociefer1310d ago

its a shame it has come down to this, i know this is not the first time it happens when a developer writes on a pirate site.It just makes me cringe

Hellsvacancy1309d ago

CDPR will get a lot of sales from us console gamers, so i'm sure they'll make a pretty penny

BlackWolf121309d ago


I deem pirating movies to be worse than any other form of piracy.

It is incredibly easy to view a movie, whether it be at the cinema, buying the physical release, or renting it via physical or stream media.

TV Shows is the only thing I tolerate when it comes to piracy, since most first world countries are so incredibly behind the times when it comes to TV Shows from the US. Most countries take months to get the latest episodes and charge obscene amounts of money for them. This deserves piracy. Movies do not.

NohansenBoy1309d ago

While piracy is bad and it's always good to support a developer who makes a game you enjoy and has good business practices, I don't get why people think pirates lack a conscience.

IMO piracy is at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to serious crimes and no where close to stealing real stuff and stealing real stuff is far from being anything close to serious crimes like rape and murder. Two crimes that makes you lack a conscience if you commit them at all.

I won't hate you if I know you're a pirate, but I will shake my head in disapproval.

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methegreatone1310d ago

"It's a shame that CD Projekt lose out on quite a large number of sales due to software piracy"

Well, the fact is most people who pirate the game wouldn't have bought it in the first place. Not to mention a huge portion of pirates are basically kids, kids whose parents are no way going to buy them that many games.

Even so, it's not to say that the sales lost wouldn't be a significant number, so you do make a point.

Lev19031310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )

I do not agree with you. There are alot of people that would buy the game if they had not een illegal option.

This is not a multiplayer game, so piracy is very seducing for them. Especiallt when it came out couple days before the release.

I think this has an affect for some people who now dont buy the game because they are playin it right now.

dont dorget that witcher 2 was pirated 4.5 million times and bought 1 million.

Seafort1310d ago


How do you know Witcher 2 was pirated 4.5 million times? Because the publisher told you so?

How many people pirated the game and then bought it afterwards? No answer?

If Witcher 2 wasn't a success Witcher 3 wouldn't exist.

If someone pirates a game that never intended to buy it in the first place. Is that a lost sale or one that never existed in the first place?

I've preordered the game and expansions packs so I'm not defending piracy but piracy numbers from publishers always have a hidden agenda no matter who the publisher is.

Lev19031310d ago

Even it was 1 million times instead of 4.5 million its stil a huge amount of money that the developrs miss out on it.

And if the witcher wasnt a great game then you wouldnt see a third entry right now.

dennett3161310d ago


Yeah, what a terrible agenda those publishers have, wanting to be paid for the work they bankrolled. Capitalist scum, the lot of them. They should do it just for the art man....stop selling out guys.

gangsta_red1309d ago


"If someone pirates a game that never intended to buy it in the first place. Is that a lost sale or one that never existed in the first place?"

Uuuuh...yea...that would still be considered a lost sale.

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kraenk121310d ago

First and foremost this article is misleading. The leaked version is in no case playable since important files are missing. This is simply the incomplete pre-load version.

Maul_T_Pass1310d ago

Exactly. I just preloaded them game last night via and I still have to download a final file the day of release to activate the game.

iTechHeads1310d ago

If you are going to pirate the game, you wouldn't have bought it anyway.

Anyway piracy is a well-known risk on PC. It's NEVER going away so CD has likely calculated that the game will be profitable despite piracy.

We are in an age where buying a game digitally through Steam or any other Storefront is more convenient/easier than piracy will ever be. If this doesn't deter pirates then nothing will. There is a bigger issue here.

It's not up to you to decided what people "deserve to be playing" or not.
Not everyone has the money to buy $60 games, this goes double for kids and teenagers.

Utalkin2me1310d ago

If you can get it for free then why is somebody that steals game going to buy it anyways? I't would be cause they can't get it for free, is the reason they would have to buy it.

Try walking into a store and take a shirt off the shelf and walk out with it and as they stop you say "No it's ok, i wasn't going to buy it anyways". My point is, if you can't afford it then you can't have it plain and simple.

darksky1310d ago

CDproject say the game is $32 which is a great price if you live in the US but the UK version is £41 which equates to $65 :(.

The game is a digital copy so why the huge difference? If the publishers want the game to sell well at least do the decent thing and not have such discrepancy between countries.

xPhearR3dx1309d ago

"If you are going to pirate the game, you wouldn't have bought it anyway."

I 100% disagree with that. I 200+ games on Steam, and I've pirated quite a few games that I had zero intention on buying that I actually did end up purchasing right after because it was worth the money.There's too many cash grab games nowadays and with demos being almost nonexistent, I'm not about to drop $60 on something that's purge garbage.

I recent example for me would be Project Cars. I pirated the game planning on just playing single player here and there and be done with it. Instead, the game was so good that I purchased it (at full price) and even got my cousin to purchase it to play with me. So had I not pirated the game in the first place, there's 2 sales they would have never have.

While I agree that probably most people that pirate games most likely won't buy it. I can't agree that everyone is like that. Because that's just not the case.

MRMagoo1231309d ago


Going into a store and taking a shirt without paying is theft not piracy, going into the store and cloning the shirt then using that shirt would be piracy. No one lost anything.

Rawdawgski1309d ago

@iTechHeads I'm sorry but if you don't feel a game is worth paying a cent for you don't deserve to play it. If you think kids and teenagers should feel entitled to pirate the game because money is harder to come by then there's something wrong with you. The game will be on sale within a month of release anyway.

spartanlemur1309d ago

It might decrease if we start treating pirates like scum.

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Dynasty20211309d ago

Piracy whining is so moot.

It's been proven to barely affect sales.

Clunkyd1309d ago

No wonder devs treat PC gamers like actual peasants.

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AlokTheDemon1310d ago

The people who buy games will still buy it no matter they get pirated copy or not. People who don't buy games will stick to their way. And it doesn't really matter in a case of such game. The player who want this game, almost 99% of them will buy it either on steam or gog. IMO piracy can be problem for some games but can't affect GTA V and Witcher 3 kind of games considering a huge PC community like steam.

Gohadouken1310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )

I dont necessarily agree with it not affecting the Witcher . The serie is a pillar of pc gaming , but unlike gta and other behemots didnt receive in kind the sales to back up that status . Not with the first two games heavily pirated too , despite their tremendous support and goodwill .

Obviously , part of it is that splenty people didnt necessarily pirate it , just that they werent interested in purchasing it or felt they couldnt run it . Which is ok and their decision .

But yeah some people are going to pirate it no matter what

Baka-akaB1310d ago

And this time like most other times with CDRED Projekt , they can't pretend to be justice warriors fending off drms , bad dlcs and bad behaviors ...

Irishguy951310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )

Well i'm not justifying myself, i'm still stealing it by downloading it early. But I bought it too. And will continue to buy whatever the company creates

Actually thinking about it...pirating the Witcher 2 is what convinced me to go PC gaming. I bought the games after that. Bought the Witcher 1 too.

Eonjay1310d ago

This by itself will keep consoles and physical media alive for a while. I hear that margins are lower on PC sometimes because of torrent sites. The lost revenue for developers is sky high.

Vegamyster1310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )

Steam gained 25 million active users in less than a year, so 125 million+ active and continues to grow + all the other digital distributors that are getting bigger too like GoG. Revenue is only growing - not shrinking - while some games don't sell as well on the PC compared to consoles that doesn't mean the PC version isn't profitable, The Witcher 1 & 2 were pirated heavily but it still sold 6 million copies in 2013, The Witcher 2 360 version only makes up a small chunk of those sales.

Maul_T_Pass1310d ago

Physical media is on it way out for good. Developers are putting less and less work into packaging so that we won't miss it when they finally pull the plug.

In fact, creating physical media actually cost a developer more than the money they loose from pirate copies of their games.

Priestwithgun1310d ago

Nope, discs are here to stay. MAny countries like india have shitty net and devs offer games at heavily discounted rates in these countries(coz they are poor as well)

Long story short, I pre ordered witcher 3 box for 23ish usd. It would take me 12 days to download it. 12days X 24 hours that is. And there is NO steam india

Maul_T_Pass1310d ago

@Priestwithgun: Then No game for you. Come back 1 year...

iTechHeads1310d ago

You make it sound as if consoles are on life support. Far from it. They are at the forefront of the video game industry.

Anyway piracy is possible on consoles as well. It will be possible on PS4/XBO one day too but I think that piracy will be too convoluted and complicated for it to ever be a big issue for Sony or Microsoft.

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