Nintendo’s Japanese Splatoon TV advert coats Tokyo in ink

Nintendo Insider writes:

Tokyo is coated in ink within Nintendo’s new TV advert to help promote Wii U exclusive, Splatoon.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1232d ago

This should have been one of the two used in America.
Who's in charge of advertisement here in America?
Reggie is NOA'S head, but there's gotta be another guy that he put at the head of marketing.
Words must be had with this individual...

JacketsNest1011231d ago

Uh, that would Bill Trinen. Clearly he is not paying attention to the Japanese commercials because that commercial was awesome. That was like CoD level awesome commercial. Just replace Tokyo with New York City and have the announcer speak English and people would be falling over themselves trying to get their hands on this game. But i think that is also due to the perception of Nintendo in Japan versus the rest of the world. In Japan Nintendo is king with both kids and adults, in the rest of the world they are seen as a children's game company. The type they use for Japan just won't fit with their international image.