Nintendo have “unannounced titles” for Wii U releasing before April 2016

Nintendo Insider writes:

As can be expected with E3 2015 looming away in just a month’s time, Nintendo’s financial results briefing with investors saw Satoru Iwata touch on what the year ahead will bring.

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Magicite1288d ago

nothing that would save wiiU

NintendoSonyfan1288d ago

Except Starfox, Splatoon, Mario Maker, FE x SMT, Devils Third etc. Just imagine a Metroid announcement? Wii U would not only not need saving, it would have enough life to resuscitate Virtual Boy.

pcz1288d ago (Edited 1288d ago )

''Nintendo have “unannounced titles” for Wii U releasing before April 2016''

i should bloody think so too. their whole purpose for existing is to make video games

i work at nintendo and i can give you a sneak peak of what to expect at e3...

f zero wiiu

wave race wiiu

eternal darkness wiiu

new 3d mario wiiu

final fantasy 7 wiiu exclusive

shenmue 3 wiiu exclusive

new metroid wiiu

nintendo purchase sega and produce sonic wiiu

mortal kombat x for wiiu with link as special playable character

xenoblade x comes packaged with xenoblade hd in europe

nintendo purchase Rare and a true remake of goldeneye in hd is coming to wiiu

earthbound wiiu

pokemon world rpg coming to wiiu

wiiu console redesign and price drop

thank me later

Big_Game_Hunters1289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

Paper mario
Animal crossing wiiu
Donkey Kong TF DLC
Pokemon Snap U

My dad works at Nintendo...

Toiletsteak1289d ago

Wow, it is so hard not to believe this guy i mean he must know his dad works at Nintendo, it's not like he could make up something on the internet.

themonado1289d ago

I'd honestly be disappointed with that lineup.

Metallox1288d ago

Pikmin 4 is in the list, so no, that would be Nintendo's best E3 lineup since E3 2012, when they announced Pikmin 3.

WeAreLegion1289d ago

If you're playing with us about Pokemon Snap U, we will come after you.

Mikito111289d ago

I didn't fall for the 'my dad works for' line when I was 10 and I'm not gonna believe it 18 years later ! Lol... Can't believe people still say it to try and sound legit lol

Big_Game_Hunters1288d ago

I'm surprised people think i'm trying to sound legit. Those are my predictions though.

Nerdmaster1288d ago (Edited 1288d ago )

Can't believe people still need to see something like "/s" to understand when a comment is a joke.

Metallox1288d ago

Don't take it too seriously, dude.

Nevers0ft1289d ago

I think your Dad works with my cousin ;)

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gerbwmu1289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

I think Nintemdo will announce a GC or N64 remake for Wii U coming in Oct and a surprise game for November/December like they did SMB3DW or Capt Toad. I think a November or December Direct will reveal another GC/N64 remake for February 2016.

I think E3 will give release dates or windows for Star Fox, Project Robot, Project Guard, Devils 3rd, Project CARS, XCX, Mario Maker, & maybe another 3rd party collaboration similar to a Hyrule Warriors

gameboy11288d ago

Tecmo have said Hyrule Warriors is over a million so expect support from them the new games will be awesome..

Summons751289d ago

Still waiting for my Sunshine HD WiiU game :) just saying.

magiciandude1289d ago

Metroid Prime Trilogy HD for me.

wonderfulmonkeyman1289d ago

Nah dude.
Prime 4 (or whatever name Prime 3's storyline continuation game will go by) alongside a completely recreated version of the original Trilogy with new bosses and story elements.

bass4g1288d ago

@wonderfulmonkeyman nah, prime 4 and a 3d remake/remastering of super metroid in the style of prime.

Metallox1288d ago

Why not Sunshine 2? Why do you want another pointless rehash? This game already made its duty back on the GameCube, leave it there and let's move on.

Summons751288d ago

Because it's been forever since it's been released and got a lot of hate back then when now it's pretty well loved, there are thousands of new gamers who haven't played it yet, and Nintendo doesn't do pointless. Just like the Wind Waker they can use the game to test something out for Sunshine 2 or Whatever new Mario is in the works. I'd settle for a virtual console if anything but with Sunshine content showing up in Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros, and rumored to be DLC for could they NOT do a remake or a sunshine 2 when they are clearly giving it love and fans are begging for it? This isn't like GTAV remaster coming out a year later, THAT is pointless but a game for two generations ago that is loved and fans want...why not? Remasters aren't a bad thing when a game has time to be wanted again and given the right treatment it can play and look 100x better. 1 remake won't kill you, Wind Waker was well received and gave them something to test out mechanics on for Zelda WiiU.

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