What Will Nintendo Do For E3 2015?

AOTF Writes: "The E3 landscape has evolved quite a lot over the years, with many companies trying new methods of promoting their brand. The big names of Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft always used to have their own major keynote presentations, but Nintendo chose to take a different route a couple years ago with pre-recorded online Directs and Digital Events instead. Last year saw the addition of the very well received Treehouse Live at E3 as well, so everyone is wondering just what Nintendo will be doing in 2015. That brings us to later today where Nintendo will officially unveil their plans for E3 2015, so we thought we’d take a look at what they’ve done recently and what they may end up doing this year."

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wonderfulmonkeyman1285d ago

I guess we'll find out a few tidbits in a couple of short hours...

wonderfulmonkeyman1285d ago

Reggie VS Iwata will forever be a legendary performance.XD

Nevers0ft1285d ago

If they have any sense they'll do almost exactly what they did last year, just more of it. They really knocked it out of the park last year, from the E3 presentation to the treehouse stuff - all excellent.