Atomic Gamer Preview: Rock Band 2

Jeff Buckland writes:

''For the most part, Rock Band 2 is not going to fundamentally change the way you play, as it's compatible with the first game's instruments. But for those that want to replace their beaten-to-death drumkits and battered guitars, Harmonix are delivering. The new drum set will be quieter when you hit the pads, include a tougher metal-reinforced bass pedal, and sensitivity to how hard you hit the pads (with drums sounding louder in-game the harder you hit them). A cymbal add-on kit will also be released separately, although they don't add new colors to hit - they are just reproductions of the same four colored pads. It won't make much difference except in those freestyle drum fill sections where all the drums and cymbals will make the correct sounds.

The new Fender Stratocaster-style guitar controllers have all the same functions as before but will have quieter-operating fret buttons and a more reliable and, well, tighter strum bar, and in a welcome new turn for those of us with home theater setups, they also have a built-in camera and microphone to automatically calibrate the game for the delay inherent in many TVs and stereo systems (and even if it's just slight, that delay can really screw up the action without being calibrated correctly).''

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