Sonic and the Black Night revealed for Wii

Sonic is going to be all over the gaming world over the next few months. Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Chronicles have both been announced by SEGA and now yet another Sonic title will be hitting the Wii. An ambiguous description of the game gives an idea of what to expect: "The Blue Blur swings cold steel in his new Wii-exclusive adventure."


Signs are pointing to the possibility of this being a fake.

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kesvalk3776d ago

No..... not that.... the guys at Sega are thinking too much

like... STOP inovating! just to a side scroller, we don't need anything else...

ChickeyCantor3776d ago

...And i thought it would not get any worse =(...Well we all should sit back and wait whats going to come out of this game.
(although i dont mind running at high speed and slashing stuff up xD)

games4fun3776d ago

an ultra violent medieval sonic game ... for the wii? nevermind its a

non ultra violent medieval sonic game :( for the wii.

honestly i thought of this idea a while back that to get people back into sonic he could be a fighter, he's fast and it could have multiplayer with wizards using the chaos crystals from towers and all other units are different tails has bows and a knife and stuff along those lines. But i also thought it probably wouldn't work.

ape0073776d ago

stop loosing more respect sega

95% of 3d sonic games sucks

sega go back to 2d and release an hd sonic treat for us please

TheColbertinator3776d ago

Look at Capcom and Megaman 2D

MK_Red3776d ago

Wow, who would have though to see 3 Sonic games being in developement for Nintendo platforms one day? Unleashed, Chronicles and this.

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The story is too old to be commented.