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It’s here. It’s finally here. Slightly Mad Studios’ beautiful racer Project CARS has finally hit its official release having been pushed back three separate times across more than six months. Having seen a preview build of the game at the Namco Bandai offices a few months back, I was more than a little excited to get my hands on what would now be a beautifully polished game and play it using my own steering wheel setup.

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greenmiker1232d ago

1/10? I thought I didnt see well or it was an error. Another review speaking about frameskip.

RumbleFish1232d ago

The review is about the Xbox One version of pCARS. Since I havn't played that version i'd like to know: Is it really that much unplayable?

Dannyh1232d ago

I have the xboxone version and I don't see much of a problem with the frame rate. My problem is with the car's some drive great and some have no control at all. Hopefully a patch will fix this soon

G20WLY1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

Yes, it seems this reviewer can't get past the frame rate issues on the Xbox One version of the game.

They are working on a patch, but sadly it won't be arriving for some time thanks to internal QA procedures:

While it ruins the experience for now, it doesn't make it a 1/10 game by any stretch of the imagination - that's just the reviewer being ridiculous.

tcozzens1232d ago


I have that same issue on the PC version

otherZinc1232d ago

Don't act like it isn't the same as the PS4 version.

This game is no Forza Motorsport. All 200+ cars work properly in Forza.

djd4ws0n1232d ago

Hi, I'm the author of that review.

For me, yes - the game on Xbox One is very much unplayable/unenjoyable at the moment. Not being able to get through a race because of the frame-skip/lag throwing me off the track means there's little to no point in playing it at all.

Captain_TomAN941232d ago

@GROWLY Don't worry MS will just release an update that downloads more Ram.

cookiamos1232d ago

I played the pc version and no frame drop.But it take a decent rig to play it at high . I own a 4 way SLI with a 3930K overclocked at 4ghz. The game make good use of a SLI system since all my cards are used. At max setting the game is awesome visualy but the problem for me is the handling of the car. I'm a big fan of sim racing and i think the cars dont behave properly when sliding in corners (for FA cars at least). It could have been a free to play or at a much lower price tag . This game dont worth 60 dollars. I prefer assetto corsa or F1 serie from codemaster.

kayoss1232d ago

The best thing for you to do is to break your review down by categories. Giving the game a 1 out of 10 is pretty much telling people you hate the game in general.
Score it by category and take the average of all those score would have been a better solution. By giving it a 1 due to frame skip, you're ignoring the all the other good qualities of the game.
Fun Factor

mcstorm1232d ago

I found Project cars alittle difficult to control the cars at the start using my controller but I changed my setting to:
Steering dead zone: 0
Steering Sensitivity: 30
Throttle dead zone: 0
Throttle Sensitivity: 50
Brake dead zone: 0
Brake Sensitivity: 30
Clutch dead zone: 0
Clutch Sensitivity: 45
Speed Sensitivity: 75
Controller Filtering: 50
and this has seemed to help the handling of the game and cars.

As for the xbox game being a 1 out of 10 I have to disagree. Ok I don't think its as good as Forza 5 (In the next gen sim side) and way below Horizon 2(My racing game of this gen so far) but it is a fun and challenging game. It is also a good 1st entry by the studio too. If they can fix the bugs over the next few weeks then great it will make the game better but like any good 1st game its something to build on like Forza and GT have done over the years.

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bunt-custardly1232d ago

Steven John Dawson - Sim Racing Enthusiast, Web Developer, Writer

Sure, but what credentials do you have for being a reviewer and sharing your opinion in an objective manner so that others are informed and can trust your reasoning?

You don't have any and readers can't.

You're just some Internet guy on a no-name website with an opinion. You're entitled to present one but doesn't make it right or worth listening to.

The 1/10 score clearly shows this.

You can have objections against the game's technical shortcomings that's fine, but to muddy the whole review because of it reeks of click bait tantrum throwing immaturity at best.

Your score merely suggests not listening to word you say as you have a habit of over-reaction. Your editor (if you have one at Gamegrin) should have called you up on this but he too is probably in agreement with the click bait nature of the review for additional hits to the no-name website.

InTheLab1232d ago


Having a poor framerate in a Sim racer completely ruined the experience for him.

My question is, when a game does not work as advertised, what are the guidelines for scoring that game? Do we bump up the score because the graphics look nice? Can you simply dismiss the racing wheel issue (and you'd know how he feels if you ever used one) because you think a 1 out of ten is only for games like Rambo?

Are gamers and critics being conditioned to accept broken games. Of course no game is perfect but how can you criticize this review and site and basically attack the author all based on a score you disagree with.

Two things here. Shipping a game that clearly has issues is dishonest. Shipping the best console version oUT for review is not only dishonest, but unfair to owners of the opposite console.

Lastly, what credentials do you need to review games? And since when are reviews from large sites more credible?

bunt-custardly1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

IntheLab - In the review he mentions his glowing preview report from the PS4 version which suggests there's a decent game here. He also says in the closing comments to wait until it's fixed before purchasing.

This is entirely at odds with the reactionary 1/10 score which is more in line with a game that has no hope at all.

He's well right to bring up the technical issues and even mark the score down accordingly. But as I said, to simply dish out a 1/10 doesn't really help anyone especially for Xbox One fans who might like an alternative to what's already available.

It would be a different matter entirely if lots of other sources gave a similar score.

3-4-51231d ago

Very rarely in anything is 1/10 a justifiable score.

1/10 smells of sensationalism and click bait stench.

Devy1231d ago

IMO, if the game launches, it gets a 1/10, 2 if you get to actual gameplay. So on Xone, the game isn't totally broken, hell, he can even finish races. That alone gives it a 4/10.

SaveFerris1232d ago

Interesting score. Seems like the reviewer had a bad experience.

ps4fanboy1232d ago

Bloody hell , like seeing a Xbox centric gaming review page , doing a driveclub review!
Ha ha...
Bet this guy bought the wheel especially, then realised he was crap at driving games , couple of hundred quid down the drain! Pmpl.

Unreal011232d ago

He's reviewing Project CARS.

1232d ago
PeaSFor1232d ago

nothing more than click bait review, 1/10 is a ridiculously silly score

kayoss1232d ago

If a game loads up, you're able to navigate the UI the game already deserves a 2. To me, a score of 1 means that the game loads up to the start menu but you cant navigate the UI.

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