Electronic Theatre E3 2008 Preview: Spore Creatures

From the creator of The Sims, Will Wright, comes Spore, the epic Life-Sim where you create your creature in the (already released for PC) Creature Creator software package, and take your spawn from a single celled blob to a mighty space-faring race. This however is the spin-off for NintendoDS, Spore Creatures, developed by Foundation 9.

The game focuses on the creature phase, playing a bit more like the Nintendogs titles. It also features a storyline; you are a creature kidnapped by a UFO and put on an island to survive. The designer is still present, but it's done in an interesting new graphic style, 2D parts are used in a 3D world reminiscent of the Paper Mario series. It will also feature Multi-Player via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, in which players can make their creatures interact. It's set to use the Touch Screen in combat, with slashes across the screen used to command your avatar slice up some other nasty creature. Making friends and other tasks with different creatures on your planet will use a Mini-Game.

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