GameShark: E3 08: Dungeon Hero Preview

Living worlds seem to be one of the themes of this year's E3, but Firefly is the only one working on a living world of goblins. The makers of the castle building sim Stronghold have turned their attention to the dungeons, trying to craft a living, breathing world where you don't stumble across five harpies and a white wolf guarding a treasure chest.

The player takes control of a violent hero who has been tricked into serving one of the goblin factions in their war against the Red Eyes, a goblin tribe bent on the conquest of the other clans. While traveling through the goblin kingdom (both above and below ground) you will see how the whipping boys of midlevel D&D modules go about their days. There are goblin smiths and goblin pirates, goblin doctors and goblin generals – all trying to survive in a goblin world gone mad.

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