Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster PS4 Review | IGN

Upgraded HD visuals make Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster on PS4 the best way to experience the world of Spira.

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dyolF1013d ago

Any news about PC version?

Articuno761013d ago

None. But with a PS4 version to side-port from it's possible it will happen. I still want a big-screen version of this game at some point and the PC version would make for the biggest screens of all (UHD).

Transporter471013d ago (Edited 1013d ago )

I do not believe that there will be a PC version of this game. I suggest to not have high hopes for it either because it is doubtful that it will ever debut on PC.

Articuno761013d ago

I'm 50/50 on the likelihood of it TBH. Square Enix seems quite intent on pushing remakes/remasters onto PC. Heck The After Years was just released, after all.

I guess I can dream... or I could just pick this up to complement the Vita version of the game I have.

Magicite1013d ago

Now bring FF12 HD remaster for PS4.

Valvat0rez1013d ago

Got this for Vita already, not gonna get this.

Spotie1013d ago

Ditto. Though, to be honest, I WOULD like the option to play it on a console as well. Just not gonna spend the cash for it.

Not right now, anyway.

Magnus1013d ago

I'd get it just to add to my collection that's it. What I really want is a Xenosaga HD remake come on Namco

Boltshocker1012d ago

FFX is one of my best FF's amazing battle system, story line and gameplay i wont be buying this again tho as completed it too many times on PS2 and then again on PS3.