PS4 Exclusive Driveclub To Receive 4 New Paid Cars & 1 Free Car; Hints Dropping Soon

Driveclub game director Paul Rustchynsky confirms that this month's DLC will feature 4 paid cars and 1 free car, instead of 5 paid cars. More info on the cars will drop over the days.

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Hk85karlsson1259d ago

Wow, this game is just pumping out new and great content!
I rated this game somewhere between 6.5-7.5 when it came out, now it's a whole other game and I'd give it an 8.5!

VER1ON1259d ago

Driveclub is finally the game it was supposed to be when it launched back in October 2014.

Hk85karlsson1259d ago

You're absolutely right sir.

More locations, a few more cars and we're all set.
No! Wait...

Playlists would be the bomb for me personally.
And servers to rent or at least the option for playing with genuine racing people. Not people who's primary goal is to ram all the opponents, sign off, sign in and it's time for it again.

badz1491259d ago

It's awesome and all but I hope they will give us new tracks like they did with Japan. Please don't tell us that Japan is the last location they will add. I WANT MORE LOCATIONS DAMN IT!

VER1ON1259d ago

I'm sure they will. Evolution has been putting a lot of effort in this one lately. If I remember correctly Rustchynsky stated that they had the DLC plans ready up to June of this year. What happens after is unknown (to us).

Utalkin2me1259d ago

While i know people will disagree with me. But i would prefer new tracks then new cars. I mean cars are always welcome. But IMO, i would like new locations to race on.

Utalkin2me1259d ago

Would you rather have 1 new car racing 50+ tracks, or 50+ cars racing a new track?

weirdo1259d ago

the only driving game out that truly captures sense of speed

Cra2yey31259d ago

I've been hoping for nissans since launch

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