Halo Community Update 5.12.15

B is for Bravo-

As we get closer and closer to the end of May, the weeks start to blend together. The days get longer, news and announcements slow down quite a bit, and teams across the studio focus in on upcoming experiences. For the Halo 5: Guardians team, this means perfecting the polish and presentation of new, never-before-seen goodness that awaits. Across the studio, the MCC team hammers away on upcoming game updates. I sit somewhere in the middle, furiously running back and forth between the two, checking out what they’re working on, and getting in on as many playtests as I can, including the latest Halo 5: Guardians Arena maps, the stormy shores of Relic and the devastated streets of New Mombasa found within ODST, and [REDACTED], which we’ll be sharing more about later this year.

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