Interlink Wants To Take Nintendo To Court Over Wii Remote

Interlink patented some device they feel the Wii Remote is ripping off, and now they seek vengeance.

This is almost exactly what the Immersion/rumble lawsuit looked like when it first turned up a few years ago, so it'd be premature to just dismiss this out of hand. And to be fair, from looking at their patent diagrams (pictured), their device and the Wii's core functionality look pretty close.

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Marty83704367d ago

I hope 'Interlink' sue 'Nintendo's' arse off.So funny when all you Nintendo fanboy's scream that Nintendo don't copy stuff.

MadMax4366d ago

If it werent for Nintendo, the godfather of videogames you wouldnt be playing your overpriced and overhyped PS3 you stupid moron. They were the first to create 3d games as well, Mario64 to be precise. Do a little research and graduate high school at least before you make yourself look like an ignorant fool that knows nothing about games.

ChickeyCantor4366d ago (Edited 4366d ago )

PS1 was first with 3d......o no it wasnt, but if it wasnt for nintendo sony never started the Ps1, btw they did start with 3d.....Snes.. stunt racers( or something) and starfox, all you others can claim what you want but it was 3D)

ChickeyCantor4366d ago

btw, one bubble...............a-a-a-a-a mazing, it fit with your name though

rexdriver4367d ago

I see a lot of rabid fanboys here, but none from Nintendo. Care to explain...?

eepiccolo4367d ago

See my post below. Yes, I'm a rabid Nintendo fanboy, and below is my reply.

eepiccolo4367d ago

Read the patent (Yes, I know, it has lots of big words. Try real hard). You'll see that with this device (which is a mouse) the Pie wedge looking device is a IR receiver, not a transmitter as the sensor bar is with the Wii. Also. there are no accelerometers in this device, and the IR device is not used to track where the remote is pointed, as it is in the Wii!

The IR on this device is simply for transmitting data. Again, the device itself is just a fancy mouse, but the way the mouse tracks the cursor is with a nub like device under the thumb.

In the end, the only similarity between the Wii remote and this device the the trigger, but guess what? There have been remote-like mice around for a long time with triggers underneath, so I don't see that as something patentable; it's common knowledge!

This is just some stupid company bringing up another frivolous lawsuit, trying to waste the judge's time. And it will be a huge waste of the jury's time and taxpayer dollars if it get that far in court. If the judge has half a brain, he/she will throw interlink out on their butts.

PS360WII4367d ago

as Emmirel would say "Bam!"

MicroGamer4366d ago (Edited 4366d ago )

about the guys over at WiiLi who devised a way to use the WiiMote as a mouse pointer. If this company decides to market their device as a mouse replacement for the PC, it is not unreasonable to assume that the WiiMote becomes competition for them because of the hack that allows it to be used as a mouse replacement. Many people would buy or use the Wiimote they already own as a mouse pointer, taking sales away from these people. The similarities in those instances, may be just close enough to convince a judge that there is a copyright infringement. Trust me, they will show up in court with a computer and a WiiMote to demonstrate the similar functionality if their lawyers know anything at all about how people mod technology for unintended uses.

eepiccolo4366d ago

Sure, you can use the Wii Remote as a mouse, but the method of cursor control is completely different as I pointed out. This patented device uses a nub to control the cursor, whereas the Wii Remote uses the gyroscopes, detecting the remote tilt, to control the cursor. It's (if you'll excuse the cliche) comparing apples and oranges. And competition can hardly be considered patent infringement, if it uses a completely different method.

The two devices are shaped and handled like remotes, and that's the extent of their similarity. Interlink might as well just sue every remote manufacturer that exists.

kingboy4366d ago (Edited 4366d ago )

but everybody had atleast one lawsuit,why nintendo this time around.. this should sure help balance the equation lol!

ChickeyCantor4366d ago

nintendo will win by saying, IF you turn the Wii-mote controwa on the side, it will become a nes controwa.


MadMax4366d ago

What about Sony copying Microsoft you stupid morons, lets see. How about the power button on the PS3 controller, stolen from the 360. How bout also copying the whole core and premium versions of what system to buy, $499 or $599. Weak [email protected] and to think Sony got rid of the whole rumble feature too, so they can copy Nintendo with the whole motion sensor controller. Man, i just named 3 things Sony ripped off from 2 major companies and you stupid sony fanboys have the nerve to critisize the godfather of games? I guess the inventor of the TV remote control should be suing everyone that creates any kind of remote then. Frikin joke!

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