Is The Witcher 3 A Huge Step Forward For Video Game Writing?

Based on what we're seeing from early reviews, it seems as if The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt features great writing, which would be a huge boost for gaming.

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Bigpappy1259d ago

Can you maybe wait until some people get a chance to play it before asking?

Utalkin2me1259d ago

Ikr, lol. People have different opinions, some might think so and some might think not. But i could comfortable say i think everyone will enjoy the game.

starchild1259d ago

Without playing it I wouldn't personally know, but I do know the game is receiving massive praise in reviews for the quality of its storytelling and the choices and extensive consequences on the game world.

Zizi1259d ago

Gameplay > Graphics > Story

kingjosh18761259d ago

Gameplay > Story > Music > Graphics

Imalwaysright1259d ago

I would put sound design above graphics too especially when speaking about survival horror games.

OT: If The choices that we made in previous games have a real impact at the end of the game I would say yes.

Unreal011259d ago

I haven't played the Witcher 3 yet, but I'd say Metal Gear Solid has always probably been the best for video game writing. Still can't get over the goosebumps I got from playing through Metal Gear Solid 4.

showtimefolks1259d ago

i will hold my judgement till i play the game, no doubt the reviews have been very positive.

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