For prices starting from $ 300, piracy comes to PlayStation 4 in Brazil

Piracy is taking the streets in Brazil, where it’s now possible to find several stores selling a king of jailbreak service for the PS4. Although very limited and not a full jailbreak of the system yet, the process allows for installation of unauthorized copies of predetermined games chosen by the seller in a variety of packs and does not involve sharing accounts between users. The article describes the basics of how the process works and was translated using google translator, so some caution is advised – for instance, the price of 300 reals, the brazilian currency, would actually properly translate in about 100 dollars.

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PeaSFor1259d ago

promoting piracy isnt against the rules on n4g? really?

PianoThad1259d ago

The article is not promoting piracy, it's merely reporting the news. Also, the Brazilian news site contacted Sony and put the Jailbreak PS4 at their disposal although the company has not spoken yet. Piracy affects all of us, so it's important to put the news out so Sony can take effective action against piracy and protect the majority of legit costumers – the article also reports the these PS4 are being able to freely connect do the PSN and play online and that is just terrible to the players and game companies as well.

dirkdady1259d ago

This isnt a hack per se, if you read the description it says they are basically reimagining the customers hard drive with their hard drive with the games loaded in.

I bet you that this may work in the short term but the downloadable games do check for licenses every so often (30 days?) the games will be rendered useless. It sounds like the users will have to keep going to the store anyway.

DarkOcelet1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

They are just sharing the news.

How is that promoting piracy?

SilverClock1259d ago

It's advertising it. Although I personally like to know about stuff like this regardless.

Christopher1259d ago

As stated, this isn't promoting piracy but reporting on a form of piracy that is, possibly, happening. It doesn't link to a how-to on piracy or show you how to do whatever they are supposedly doing.

As far as this place, I'm thinking they might be selling PCs inside of PS4 cases and are loading games configured to use the PS4 controller with whatever emulator software they have. That's likely why you have to go back to them to get new games. Not because they're "pirated" but because the files are configured to use the PS4 controller and not the usual K&M.

testerg351259d ago

They mentioned Bloodborne as one of the games.

Christopher1259d ago

@testerg35: Yes, they did mention it, but zero proof has been shown of it. As far as we know, that's just a pre-loaded copy of bloodborne associated with the "required" second account, no hacking at all.

Malice-Flare1259d ago

i actually blame the Brazilian government for this. their import tax is ludicrous...

Spotie1259d ago

Yeah, Brazil and Australia get shafted on prices, among others.

WitWolfy1259d ago

FAKE!!! Pics or it didnt happen.

RealFry1259d ago Show
showtimefolks1259d ago

i remember reading an article one about a console which is easy for piracy it sells more. not sure if sony really need these kind of sales to be honest

that's why soon we will have an all digital gaming console from these big console makers, when i say soon i don't mean in 1 years. but i think moving into ps4 and next xbox, we may see both companies go all digital

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The story is too old to be commented.