Assassin's Creed Syndicate Gets More Lovely Art Showing Characters and More In Handy Wallpaper Form

Apparently quite a few had trouble with the RSVP process of today's Assassin's Creed Syndicate reveal, and even among those that did it correctly, not everyone received the fan package promised as a bonus.

The package, quite predictably, included a few wallpapers for PC and mobile, and header images for Twitter and Facebook. Interestingly, most of the artwork is actually different from what was distributed earlier today to the press.

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Jalva1313d ago

Saw the word 'lovely', knew it was a Dualshockers article submitted by Abriael.

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iTechHeads1313d ago

Who the hell uses the word "lovely" anyway?
"What a lovely game"
"What a lovely screenshot"


Femto1313d ago

LMFAO THIS IS EXACTLY what i think every time i see one of those dumbass articles with

"lovely" "spectacular" "shiny" "gorgeous" etc...

just came for the comments, not clicking on that shit lol

Eldyraen1313d ago

I basically play AC just for a new world to explore every time. The crazy scifi story I didn't care for whatsoever. There are a few interesting bits there now and again but not enough for me to care about the entire story arc across every game as a whole.

it's a great franchise but just too many of them for me to play them all yet (other games take priority today). I look forward to playing them when I get to them but if I miss one its not a big deal either.