Dishonored Definitive Edition To Be Released Late This Year

Bethesda’s stealthy action-adventure Dishonored may be coming to a new-gen console near you late this year. Lately, rumors have been circulating that Bethesda has submitted the game for classification. The details can be found on the Brazilian Advisory Rating System website.

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DarkOcelet1285d ago

Wasnt the game released on PS Plus and XBL Gold two months ago or something?

Its just weird to re-release it when it was free in the same year.

DarkBlood1285d ago

Not the definitive edition.

DarkOcelet1285d ago

Which will most like have the frame up to 60fps. Thats it.

mikeslemonade1285d ago

And it just gets lamer.. and lamer..

DarkBlood1285d ago

Well there's those that have migrated over from competition, dont have ps3 anymore or just dont use psplus etc

not sure how thats weird to re release it with everything included

Bobby Kotex1285d ago

I think I'm the only one who thought this was an OK game. It seems to get praised a lot.

Heyxyz1285d ago

I love Dishonored, but in order for me to buy this it has to be cheap. I bought the Dishonored GOTY edition for $20 last year (and the price has probably gone down since then), so for me this can only be $30 at most.

Utalkin2me1285d ago

Also what would be nice if you bought the digital version originally on consoles. For 10 bucks you could get the next gen version. I wouldn't have a problem with that.

comebackkid98911285d ago

A remaster could really stress the oil painting aesthetic. I'm down.

Clonetrooper11391285d ago

Already have the GOTY Edition on PC. I'll pass.

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The story is too old to be commented.