Will Batman Die In Batman: Arkham Knight?

AOTF Writes: "Batman: Arkham Knight is about a month and a half away from release and since its announcement over a year ago, we’ve seen an abundance of information about the game. Unlike many games where it seems like everything has been spoiled before release though, Rocksteady Studios has managed to show just enough to keep us interested, while still keeping us in the dark about most of the game itself. The level of mystery surrounding the game seems well suited for a major twist, which one has to think could potentially spell the end for the Dark Knight."

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Xaphy1312d ago

He might stop being Batman like what happened in dark knight rises

Jalva1312d ago

Nobody in Batman ever dies, ever, even if they do.

Utalkin2me1312d ago

Movies maybe, comic books is false.

Sureshot1312d ago

Of course he dies!.... Until they need a sequel

aLucidMind1312d ago

They stated this will be their last Batman game, stressed this was always meant to be a trilogy, and that they're not doing any more super hero games. So I doubt Rocksteady will be making a sequel to this unless they plan on reneging on that "no more super heroes" bit and doing a Nightwing game or something.

jb2271312d ago

I personally think WB is looking to bring back the film tie-in games. They won't be tied too directly to the films & they will most likely take place in the Arkham universe, but they will try to coincide w/ the release of the upcoming DCU flicks. We've already seen WB bring another studio into the mix w/ WB Montreal, who pretty obviously set up a Suicide Squad game in the Arkham universe, so I'd say they are working on that now for release next year along w/ the movie. Rocksteady unveiled the Dual Play feature here in Arkham Knight, which I believe is a test for a Justice League title w/ similar gameplay to coincide w/ that movies release in a couple years. Could be cool if done right, but if they push a strict deadline on the devs to release in the movie's window then that typically causes problems.

LordStig1312d ago

"This is not how Batman dies!" Lego Batman

skulz71312d ago

No because Warner bros will carry on the arkam series without rocksteady probably.

itsjustexuma1309d ago

There have been rumors that Warner Bros Montréal would finish thier trilogy once Batman Arkham Knight is released

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