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It took a while to decide when it was going to launch but from the outset of playing Project CARS you can understand why Slightly Mad Studios wanted to get everything right such is the level of detail that goes into this very rich and serious racer for the racing fan.

As someone who is more into arcade style racing I personally found this game really tested me but in a positive way, it’s genuinely so good I wanted to be better at it and improve my skills. Get better I did and using its helpful guide on the tracks to help with timing as you slow to take corners I soon got the grips and was flying around the tracks... mostly.

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MultiConsoleGamer1230d ago

Glad to see everyone likes this game. I'm thinking about picking it up.

rosscoffx1230d ago

If you're into simulation racers it's a really top game and looks like it'll only get better as they add more down the line.

TheGavofWar1230d ago

mmmm may pick this up after the first patch or so mate, seeming as most have said they have had some issues with AI and you state that they can seem a bit robotic and weird, are the races exciting?

rosscoffx1230d ago

Some minor things to patch be certainly in acceptable levels when playing. Races are fun... if you like racing!