7 Reasons the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Is Going to be a Must-Have Game

The Witcher 3 provides a massive world with many things to get excited about. Here are 7 of them.

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DonkeyDoner1311d ago

I give you one : its CD PROJEKT RED

Dynasty20211310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )

A dev most people here will have never heard of because they're a PC dev.

This is like the new Seahawks fans all over again.

Paytaa1310d ago

I could give more than 7 reasons. I just want this game now. The next week is going to drag I can already tell.

NovusTerminus1310d ago

I've had the CE ordered since last June, eagerly awaiting.

showtimefolks1310d ago

Cd red project

When these decliners release a game i don't need any reasons to convince myself it's a must buy

Bioware use to be on this list and they can be again if they actually deliver a true mass effect experience, also don't to use about our chocks will matter abd don't over promise obit to under deliver

Rookie_Monster1310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )

I only need one. It is on PC!!!

It is nice when company release the superior PC version the same time as the console versions. Are you listening Rockstar and UBIsoft?