The Dark Secret Behind Bloodborne’s Vilebloods Explained

Spoilers ahead, but check out this Bloodborne lore story explanation of Queen Annalise's Vilebloods and Castle Cainhurst.

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bouzebbal1308d ago

Logarius fight is great !
And those roof tops remind me of Tenchu

SmielmaN1307d ago

That was the hardest fight of the game for me. It took me a while to time the parries and to move effectively when he's on his second half of life. Tough man, but so awesome to beat him and discover the queen.

bouzebbal1307d ago

use the gun to stun him.. and destroy the sword that summons the flying blades.
nice fight but definitely not the toughest for me. Blood starved beast was really a pain to beat, especially due to it's early in the game and i haven't fully mastered the moves.

SmielmaN1307d ago

That's funny because I beat blood starved beast in one try! There was a few I beat on only one try but a few that just destroyed me often.

jjonez181308d ago

These lore pieces are great. Keep'em comin' Twifinite.

joab7771308d ago

I understand it all. But it's weird that there's an empty chair next to her. Was there a king once. Was she the queen of cainhurst that went mad. Was the crown of illusions the crown she or the king wore? Its spelled out that Logarius was sent to kill her and when he realized that he couldnt, he decided to guard her. I'm surprised she isn't happier to see you.

kratoz12091308d ago

Argh that also got me to the second chair..
I seriously want dlc for this game would love to explore more.