Tom Clancy’s The Division. More Delays and E3 promises. Is it ever coming out?

Kris Maltenieks, "Today Ubisoft announced that the game will be released on the Xbox One, PS4, & PC during the first quarter of 2016. At this point do we take them at their word? This probably was the biggest game reveal & sneak peak at E3 in 2013.

Yes I know it’s already been two blasted years and we where promised this game a long time ago in 2014 for the PC and then there was the Dec 2015 ETA.

Recently Ubisoft also announced that Annecy studios has been brought in to help finish up the game on the Multiplayer side. If you’re not familiar with the Ubisoft Annecy Studio, then I’m sure you are with their Assassins Creed games.

Yep… That’s right. Assassins Creed Multiplayer. I was only a fan of the multiplayer for Assassins Creed when it first came out, now I find it dull and redundant.

It’s quite hard for me to stay positive about this game now. Even with the news, to me this game is what looked more NEXT GEN at E3 than any other game and I still want to believe the hype about it."

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kdmitchell_toh1229d ago

Really.... What the hell is going on with this title. Oh wait, it's Ubisoft.

DarkOcelet1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

I really hope it doesnt go 'I Am Alive' route, from a AAA title to an indie game that couldn't last 6 hours total.

That game had so much potential.

clintonbowman1229d ago

I definitely agree with that sentiment.

i8urCAKE1229d ago

This was one of the few titles i was looking forward to..

-Foxtrot1229d ago

This is going to be another Watch Dogs

The least they could do in their spare time is make an offline version for people who want to play by themselves. They've had plenty of time.

Summons751229d ago

It's a massive online game...I wasn't expecting it this year to be honest. Take all the time you need to make sure the game works and is stable on release. Don't know why everyone gets pissy over delays, they are always for a good cause...unless you like broken games and stupidly massive day 1 patches.

-Foxtrot1229d ago

It's been proven that delays don't always make the games better

It just creates more hype and more room for PR "big talk" which raises peoples expectations until the game can't possibly live up to them

OUROSMAG1229d ago

People need to be responsible for raising their own expectations. If you buy into the hype its your own fault.

The game is being delayed to be worked on..

_-EDMIX-_1229d ago

"It's been proven that delays don't always make the games better"

The deep lolz. How exactly do you know? You don't know the current state of the game during the delay so you can't actually state such a thing.

"better" is subjective, you may have not liked the game regardless of the fixes, consider they are making it more workable and playable during those delays.

How in any regard is that not "better" for what they had to stop with prior to the delay?

Soo rush it out against MGSV, Halo 5, FFXV, AC, COD and Star Wars BF? LMFAO! Are you out of your mind? That game would fail due to being overshadowed regardless of how good it would be.

The delay makes sense for the game, for the team, for the fans and for the publisher.

This is 100% a justified delay in every sense of the word. Sooo this whole "just creates hype" makes no damn sense....

No one is telling you to build your hopes up for some mega IP... that is your choice bud.

I'm pretty sure they have more REAL reasons to delay the game technically and financially then your little unproven theory on "hype".

I base my expectations off of proven features, not by "hype" of what I "think" the game will be like.

That isn't the publishers fault, they are not conveying something they are not delivering. Most don't care for Ubisoft, but I can say for certain...that they have never faultlessly offered a game at a concept that was suggested that was never really there.

Careful with what you "think" the game is going to be and what the game factually is. Your excitement is purely based on what you expect.....expect the facts of what the game offers. Your in new york, its an MMO RPG, you will level up, use water and other rations, search for junk etc.

I'm legit looking forward to ONLY what was factually stated the game is. I'm not out here "hyping" for every building to be enter-able, then getting mad at Ubisoft for an expectation that is unrealistic.

freshslicepizza1229d ago

people get pissy because even when games get delayed they still come out a broken mess. the delay isn't likely to make the game better but rather more so to have a nicer release date to sell more. they don't want to cannibalize their own sales if far cry or assasins creed is around the corner from it.

ubisoft used to be a great company that release great games, now they have succumbed to making games only if they become franchises. too much emphasis is on creating mass hits with endless marketing and not enough on the more important things like fine tuning your games before release and making games for consumers, not just for making money.

blackout1229d ago

Isn't this game a mmo. When this game was announced it was only six months into production, so two and half years of work so far. I'm expecting next fall 2016. This game is very ambitious. Just keep your cool guys. Well then again we are talk about the king of F Ups in UBI. I can understand now.

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