New Splatoon Commercial Highlights Inkling Transformations

Hardcore Gamer: Nintendo has released a brand new commercial for Splatoon, the Japanese company's upcoming Wii U-exclusive competitive online shooter.

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Reeze1229d ago

Nintendo... Please... Even the Japanese and European commercials aren't cringe-worthy.

Big_Game_Hunters1229d ago

This is awful. But hey these areairing on Cartoon network and Nick so not surprised they are targeted to kids.

KaladinStormblessed1229d ago

Nintendo needs to fire it's whole advertising department and start fresh. They suck, all offense intended. WiiU and its games could guarantee sell a lot better if it had some decent advertising. It's ads like these that make people think Nintendo is a kiddie company, and Nintendo acts like a kiddie company when it's not. Seriously pull yourself together Nintendo.