Ctrl + Alt + Deleting History - P.T. & Beyond

VGChart'z Corey Milne: "I mention the [P.T.] demo because it's a great focal point in addressing the god awful way the game industry treats its heritage. The industry's respect for history is on par with the Wikipedia entries which claim that Henry VIII formed a motorcycle gang to raid Hitler's Venusian armament factories. If they can't slap a HD sheen on it, cram it into a collection and sell it to you again, then these companies don't want to know.

Let's be honest, most of us don't take time out of our days to ponder the merits of archival. Nonetheless it's rather important. Not only in its cultural value as games continue to grow within the modern media landscape, but it's also important to know where the medium came from, both for researchers and historians, as well as the new generation of game design students who will be taking advantage of the fact that many more colleges and universities offer game design courses nowadays."

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