This Week in Gaming History: How E3 1995 changed gaming forever

A look back 20 years at the very first E3 and how Sony got it so right and Sega got it so wrong.

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xHeavYx1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

Kind of ironic that there was a $100 price difference between both consoles.
History repeats itself it seems.
"The momentum from Sega's blunder, and Sony's simple yet effective announcement, carried over as the PlayStation quickly took control of the home console market while Sega began their slide to the back of the line in the retail console wars."

Even the reaction of the croud after the price was announced is similar.

dcj05241285d ago

A shame. Because the dreamcast was the perfect console. It got every single thing right. But people didn't trust Sega and Sony proved it's self more worth with the PS1.

TWB1284d ago

Not really... They were already into the 6th gen (PS2/XB) and had one analog on the controller which was located on the same side as Dpad.

Pretty huge deal if you have almost no means of camera control, especialy when your competitiors had already fixed that (partially on the N64)

mxguy931285d ago

Wonder what it would be like if Sega stayed in the console game

gamejediben1285d ago

They would probably... keep doing what they had always been doing:

Namely, releasing terrible unwanted addons (like the 32X) to existing consoles, make crappy short battery life handhelds (like the Game Gear and Nomad) and cornering the sports game market. Leaving all the really great games in Japan (WHY?!?!?!?!), releasing lots of childish fanboy ads (Genesis does what Nintendon't!) add a little Michael Jackson to taste and serve.

I grew up a Sega fanboy but now in hindsight, I think they deserved to lose. Even despite how good the Dreamcast was. I remember pleading for Sega to release their great games like:

Dragon Force II,
Princess Crown,
Shining Force III (Scenario 2 and 3),
Deep Fear,
Radiant Silvergun,
Zero Wing,
Alien Soldier,
Mega Man Wily Wars,
all the Langrisser/Warsong games
and a bunch of others I can't recall

I felt betrayed. I kept wondering why they wouldn't just get up off their asses and bring some of that awesome sauce to us Americans especially since Europe got most of them anyway.

Damn those Sega bastards to hell!

They could have whupped Nintendo's ass and been Sony's big rival ...but no... they wanted to play "keep away" from us fans. Because: reasons.

I say: Good Riddance. I Hope they never come back.

XanderZane1285d ago

I was at that E3. We had missed the SEGA press conference though, so we were a bit shocked to see the SEGA Saturn in an electronic store in L.A. when we passed by and then when we heard it was $399, we flipped. We knew Sony would go lower and questioned why SEGA would release the Saturn at $400. The Saturn was a rushed system anyways. SEGA really wanted to release the Dreamcast, but it just wasn't ready. The Saturn was still a decent system, but the Dreamcast was easily better. SEGA lost millions on the Saturn though, which is why they didn't have enough money to keep the Dreamcast up and running. I'm still happy to own all these systems including all the Playstation consoles.