The Witcher 3 Not a True Open World?

According to one early review, the game is large but not a true open world like Skyrim

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Kal-V31311d ago

Pointless article. basically click-bait. Don't bother

Kal-V31311d ago

Skyrim has to load whenever you enter any building or cave or anywhere that isn't the overworld. Witcher does not. I'm not sure how that makes it inferior to Skyrim.

kingeliran1311d ago

why do people disagree its true its a fact, skyrim has a loading everytime you enter building or a cave, the witcher 3 has loading screens ONLY when your changing regions.

4Sh0w1311d ago (Edited 1311d ago )

lol, Why do some people get so wrapped up in some quasi-super-technical definition?

If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck. Lets just call it a duck whatever it may "truly" be.

The Witcher 3 LOOKS like a Open World Game, it has EVERYTHING an Open World Game should have, and it PLAYS like a Open World Game= The Witcher 3 is an Open World Game so who cares about what it "truly" is.

cmgs1311d ago (Edited 1311d ago )

It's just that the region thing is confusing. It could be like borderlands where several mission areas are more linear and some are locked out but technically every area is accessible, which is most probable, or it gives the doubt that if it is not possible to go everywhere right from start and restricts regions per progression.

joab7771311d ago

Strange cuz other reviews say that it is. And I can almost guarantee you that you are not forced through the main story. I saw huge maps with question marks etc. I doubt you are restricted.

That said, CD Projeckt Red's main story may suffer, as many reviews have pointed out b/c it isn't linear like TW2 was. But side quests are amazing I've read.

Kal-V31310d ago

honestly, while i haven't heard the story, i don't think the main story suffers.I think it's just opinion. The guy from Gametrailers loved the story because it was so grounded and the characters felt believable. he said he read all the Witcher books so im inclined to believe him.

Bigpappy1311d ago

I think comparing and expecting this game to be like Skyrim, in anyway other than size, is a huge mistake. I will be playing this game and only expecting it to be an upgrade to Witcher2. I say upgrade due to the larger size, more freedom and the fact that it is being released on a newer generation of hardware.

Skyrim is a whole different beast from anything on the market. The code used in The Elder Scrolls and in Fall-out games, is old code the matures with Morrowind, but has had options added or removed with each release. It took decades to build in all the nuances. No developer has enough staff to pull of and equivalent in 2 to 3 years.

AnotherProGamer1311d ago

the article calls Skyrim a sandbox but its not, many things in the world you can't change

a true sandbox RPG is Dues Ex, ever choice you make changes the outcome of the situation and gives you multiple ways of doing objectives

Yukicore1311d ago (Edited 1311d ago )

Never been in a sand box in childhood, I see. Sandbox is EXACTLY what is sounds like, you use your environment to build shit, and you destroy shit others have built, and you are free to do as you wish with the sand, and all the toys mommy throws at ya.

It's that simple

AnotherProGamer1310d ago

And you can't do any of that in Skyrim

Yukicore1309d ago

Well I believe it's called sand-box because you have a certain area, where you can freely roam around and play with the things developers have thrown into the world for you to play with.
It doesn't mean that there are no restrictions, there are always restrictions.

hello121311d ago ShowReplies(5)
Myst-Vearn1311d ago

Open-world as opposed to being linear? then yes Witcher 3 is very much open-world

also, I want the game to be amazing not fit some random dude's definition of 'true open-world'

joab7771311d ago

It's like Dragon Age isn't Open world either, but you can spend 200 hrs doing whatever you want, wherever you want.

Anyway, I prefer there being harder areas and easier areas as you level, the world opening as you go. Otherwise, you get Skyrim, an easy game that doesn't challenge you much at all.

Snookies121311d ago

Who cares if it has 'zones'. They're massive areas, and it helps concentrate a lot of content into each and every one of them. Rather than trying to spread them all across a completely open environment.

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