Assassin's Creed Syndicate 'Gold Edition' confirms Season Pass, because Ubisoft

GameZone: "Assassin's Creed Syndicate has only been officially unveiled for a few hours and already we've learned that it'll have a Season Pass. Of course, anyone familiar with Ubisoft's business model -- or the current state of the gaming industry for that matter -- probably already expected this."

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spicelicka1285d ago

Why do companies even announce season passes so earl? It only affects their reputation, I mean people don't really pre-order season passes to why not just wait till the game it about to come out.

TFJWM1285d ago

Nahh its better to get it out of the way from the start otherwise people will keep asking them if they are going to have a season pass or not. By the time the game comes out it will be old news

Yi-Long1285d ago

Ubisoft and the Assassin's Creed series has been all about that DLC-miking for many years now, so it's hardly a surprise.

It's also THE reason why I don't buy any Ubisoft game at launch for full price. In many cases, the DLC-greed has kept me from buying their games completely. I loved Assassin's Creed 2 GOTY, one of my favourite games of last-gen, but although I was interested in Brotherhood and Revolution, the DLC kept me from buying these games, and once cheaper more complete editions came around, I just wasn't all that interested anymore...

Timesplitter141285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

I think the fact that Season Passes/DLC have almost become a new standard indicates that we are rapidly approaching a crash of the AAA games industry. Publishers can no longer afford to sell games under 75-100$

Personally I wouldn't mind if this happened and 'home-made' games took over. With Unity, UE4, and Source 2, we'll have everything we need

DragonKnight1285d ago

"I think the fact that Season Passes/DLC have almost become a new standard indicates that we are rapidly approaching a crash of the AAA games industry. Publishers can no longer afford to sell games under 75-100$."

Nah. In the first place, the reason the market crashed last time was because of too many terrible games, not finances. Second, development budgets are nowhere near the cost of marketing and distribution budgets, both eclipsing development budgets by a wide margin.

Publishers can easily afford to lower the price of games, they just don't want to. They also could smarten up and learn to do math better.

breakpad1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

@ Dragon Knight ...agree...the development costs are a lot less than in previous generations, most money need for marketing and advertising ...even in development the costs rise as they use them aimlessly not for essential coding-development-polishing-a rt but to hire actors or mocap (this is most common in western studios)...also they are exploitative and greed as they keep rising the prices knowing to step on the false hype they create and blindness of some gamer consumers ....

Aenea1285d ago

"Personally I wouldn't mind if this happened and 'home-made' games took over. With Unity, UE4, and Source 2, we'll have everything we need"

Then everyone will criticise the looks of games. Having the gaming engine does not mean you or I can make a decent looking game. I can code, but I can't draw for crap, someone needs to do that, and one person doing all the graphics, 3d modelling, animations, etc., etc. is not enough if you want to release it in a year or 2.

It takes many talented people to make AAA games, if the AAA game industry crashes every game will also use all the existing cookie cutter game engines. Plenty of studios who wrote their own so they could do the things they wanted.

Timesplitter141285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )


well, look at Shovel Knight, Pillars of Eternity, Banner Saga, Darkest Dungeon, FTL, etc...

These are all crowdfunded games made by small teams, and they have all had an extremely positive reception.

Recently there's also been Bloodstained and Little Devil Inside to look forward to. They look like amazing games, and today's AAA lineup seems utterly depressing in comparison.

I mean look at this crap: http://36646d87786feafc0611...
It's like Ubi hired 900 scientists and researchers to try and find out what the most generic character on Earth would look like.

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dcj05241285d ago

Nah, it makes sense. Don't be dishonest about the DLC you have planned. And plus it's all optional so if the DLC doesn't suit your taste then no need in purchasing. Win win for both consumer and ubisoft.

Takwin1285d ago

Why can't people understand that it's not win-win. It's a lose for consumers because these companies are selling content that is a bad value per hour compared with the real game AND it almost definitely was done and should have been part of the real game. (No, none of us has proof that some people ask for, but anyone with common sense and a scope of history and economics can see that this is the case.)

Findingcrybabies1285d ago

Good for them. According to their earnings last year they can do no wrong and people are still going to throw money at them. They are taking full advantage. Smart for them.

akaFullMetal1285d ago

You're right, the only one to blame are the people that keep buying season passes and DLC. Why would they stop passes and DLC if people still keep buying them in droves. I just wish the good DLC like in borderlands was the standard and horse armor DLC was seen as the devil but in a lot of cases it is the other way.

ThePope1285d ago

What do you expect them to do? 8 studios, a map 30% larger than that of ACU. ALL of which to make the game bigger and "better" ALL of which we would complain if they didn't. Yet gosh forbid them for trying to make money on the things they create. What would you like them to do?!?!? They only have two choices, do DLC, or charge more for the game.

Timesplitter141285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

Why did they decide to call it a "Season Pass" anyway? A season pass sounds like something temporary, like something that gives you access to the full game for only 3 months. It's such a badly chosen name

Viryu1285d ago

Hey guys! How can we earn more money? Oh, I know! Let's cut out planned content a year before release and sell it for 50% more money! No one will figure it out, because it's DmothaLspaghettiC!

FullmetalRoyale1285d ago

Lol @ "because Ubisoft"

Though this really applies to most all publishers now.

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