Ubisoft: DLC "Driving the Players' Engagement;" Rainbow Six Siege Will Get Regular DLC After Launch

Ubisoft seems to be quite confident on the ability of DLC to generate continued interests in its games, as revealed by President Yves Guillemot during the financial conference call for the latest fiscal year.

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kingeliran1313d ago

Do 16 free DLCs like Cd projekt red does with the witcher 3, oh wait its ubisoft... nevermind.

Yi-Long1313d ago

The usual DLC-milking announcement by Ubisoft, followed by my usual reply: I’ll wait for a cheap complete edition to be released, IF I’m even still interested by then.... (probably not).

Ninver1313d ago

I have the same attitude towards any game with an eRly announcement of dlc. It's either a no buy or I wait for a cheaper GOTY edition in the bargain bin. Such nonesense will not be tolerated.

Takwin1313d ago


Down in front.


Get off my lawn.

mydyingparadiselost1313d ago

It's OK UbiSoft, they're saying Booooo-urns, Booooo-urns...

nirwanda1313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )

Once upon a time devs used to just stick it all on the disk instead of delaying levels to charge all of their customers twice.

_-EDMIX-_1313d ago

...not really. PC titles has expansions, console titles had many versions, ie Street Fighter, super, alpha, hyper etc. Where were you?

"delaying levels to charge" ??? Thats really a baseless assumption.

So Skyrim delayed content? yet bigger then the last game and longer?

BF4 delayed content for years? Sooooo what BF has launched with 40 maps?

Smash Bros delay characters and levels? Despite launching with the most in history?

Mario Kart 8 delay content too? I mean...bud ALL DLC CAN'T JUST BE "delaying levels", I agree that clearly to some degree it happens, but not for the bulk of what DLC actually is, its just too much content many times to really just assume the base game could come with it, Skyrim to 100% with all the side quest is like 200 hours!

Before DLC....

I'm sorry but games generally getting larger and with more content each release very much shows that games progressively get larger and longer each installment and not smaller to delay content to be sold after the fact.

No evidence actually supports this.

ie the next AC is 30% larger then Unity.... content getting "Delayed" was even all the DLC, it wouldn't really make much sense to even waste the time making the next AC longer or larger then the last...don't you think?

and no one is getting charged "twice" dlc is merely an extra and a choice.

Witcher 1 is 45 hours or so, so is Witcher 2 (I beat it around the same time as 1), 3 is about 200 hours.....

Oh so that content was stripped too? Because we got the last ones at 200 hours worth of content? Again...what example or evidence actually shows this? MORE evidence suggest DLC is made solely to be sold and isn't content that was ever going to release if it wasn't made for DLC.

ie Teams are made JUST for DLC, content post launch continues for many times years after launch and no example of a games standard release even suggest any game would even launch with such a vast amount of content based on its genre or based on its past releases. Again...what evidence really supports this? Or is this just assumptions?

Utalkin2me1313d ago

Witcher 3 is only 200 hours if you want to spend that time doing everything. Main quest is like 25-30 hours. Not everyone will do every quest and spend that much time doing side quest, so play time will vary.

nirwanda1313d ago

So you agree with planed additional content being work on month's/years before a games release, rather than using the extra man power to polish the game or add that content to the game any way.

mydyingparadiselost1313d ago

"MORE evidence suggest DLC is made solely to be sold and isn't content that was ever going to release if it wasn't made for DLC."

Really? I seem to recall almost every game worth it's salt having extra characters, costumes, cheat codes, hidden levels and more. Since last gen that kind of content has been on the sharp decline... unless you're buying all the DLC of course. Fluffing up your game with meaningless samey side quests and a bunch of trophies does not make up for the lack of real content that continues to be stripped away from a games, the kind of content that used to be common place is now being sold to you for a premium.

someOnecalled1313d ago

Expansions was almost the size of another game not a map or two. And devs use to give maps for free. And most games in the pass had unlockables you get through playing the game.

Where were you?

Ninver1313d ago

Do you work for Ubisoft? You sound awfully defensive.

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Adexus1313d ago

CDPR's handling of Witcher 3 DLC was a breath of fresh air but this just hits you back to reality as publishers still want to nickle and dime us for all we have :(

_-EDMIX-_1313d ago (Edited 1313d ago ) don't need to buy DLC. I don't really think I can call that "nickle and dime". Just because it comes out, doesn't mean you need it...

I buy games all the time and never buy the DLC, even with putting hundreds of hours in the base game. I did it with Skyrim, BF3 and BF4, Fallout 3 etc. I don't generally buy post launch content unless I'm around 500 or so hours in and really maxed out what I could do with the game...

That is 100% up to you. Witcher 3 is giving free DLC.....well many publishers actually do this, Ubisoft does this, EA does this... etc.

Witcher 3 has over 200 hours worth of content and has DLC both payed and free.

One really can't just expect this team to give out free, free, free! I mean...even the free content they are making is not deserving...its merely a gesture of good faith to fans, but the paid content clearly must exist, they need to get paid for their work.

The last Witchers were just not these epic 200 hour games, 45 to 50 hours at best (could be a bit longer if some may take longer to beat rpgs).

So its clear that the game is clearly already content packed. Most publishers handle DLC the right way, I can't really even name many times this last year or so when a publisher didn't.

Many times its fans assumptions of what they feel they are owed or deserved with DLC.

At the end of the day, the ip, studio etc are not owned by fans, they are not buying into the company, they are agreeing to by a piece of content.

The idea of if its "complete" is subjective. Your not buying the team work at their studio or their souls....your buying the content they are providing. Too many times gamers have this strange idea that they are owed content because it was being worked on....

The Spider Man sequel is being worked on while your watching Spider Man that your's too? Are you owned deleted scenes at the theater because they later made that part of the DVD features?

Why is it in gaming not really understood that your agreeing to buy a piece of content and not the teams soul? lol Too many times I hear this idea that, "oh...its worked on thus, its owed" or "it exist, thus must be in the final game" or "stripped" or "cut from" etc...even if it was....that THEIR IP to due so with, you agree to buy what they make for sale, not everything they created EVER at that studio.

I agree with you too that CDP is doing a fine job with The Witcher 3's DLC, but like I said....most publishers do a fine job with DLC, I really can't name too many that release titles with little to no content in favor of selling you the game piece by piece...I can't even name you a game thats done that other then free to plays where its clearly an understood model.

and thats not to say you believe that either, don't want you to misunderstand me.

KwietStorm1313d ago

This industry has changed a lot over the years. The real question is at what point do gamers actually put a real stop to it, rather than talk about how much they dislike it.

nirwanda1313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )

The closest I get to buying dlc is waiting for a GOTY edition.

Yi-Long1313d ago

Same here. I'll never buy any of these games for full price, and I'll wait for a cheap GOTY instead.

BattleAxe1313d ago

Or a Steam sale or even some of the blow-out sales we're seeing on the Xbox 360 and the PS3.

mydyingparadiselost1313d ago

We may have already passed the point of no return, the best time for gamers to have done anything about it was last gen, but now the AAA industry and even the consoles themselves are geared and built with all this stuff in mind. That and people still buy it, at least enough it to make it worthwhile for Ubi and the like.

Ninver1313d ago

Let's thank M$ for introducing and pushing such abomination last gen.

DeadlyFire1313d ago

DLC is usually worthless crap or advantage crap. Either way I never buy it no matter how good it is said to be. There is no value in it for me.

Alot will though.

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