Who is Evie Frye? Meet Assassin’s Creed Syndicate’s female hero

GR:"With Assassin's Creed Syndicate's Evie, we’ve finally got the first female assassin to feature in a main Assassin’s Creed game. Aveline de Grandpre and Shao Jun have led spin off titles previously but Evie Frye will be the first female hero to join the ranks of Ezio, Edward and co as an upfront lead."

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Big_Game_Hunters1260d ago

killing people gta style on carriages
gang wars
Setting looks dull
combat looks easy as always.

Are any of the AC games ever going to be an actual stealth game?

-Foxtrot1260d ago

Yeah it's weird because most of the stuff they've shown off isn't very stealth like. I mean what Assassin who hides in the shadows would have a street gang.

His sister Evie looks more interesting as her play style is more Assassin like.

She should have been the main character and only main character

Sir_Simba1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

They've become pimps, and a very shitty secret society thats not secret.

Ezio is very disappointed

skulz71259d ago

To be fair, Unity tried to be a stealth game but it was executed horribly.

minimur121259d ago

Can't remember the mission, but you're just about to retrieve either your watch or more alcohol, and you gotta sneak past the guards...

You can't knock them out. Kill every single one of them

AstroCyborg1259d ago

no it did it well the problem was that casuals hated it & the game was broken

aLucidMind1259d ago

While I do want it to be much more stealth-oriented, I feel Assassins Creed could technically be any genre and have it fit. After all, there aren't really restrictions on who becomes and Assassin in terms of background. I doubt all the Assassins in the organization are good at stealth, some may simply be good at covering their tracks but rush in Duke Nukem style. I think it really depends on the character when it comes to how the game plays due to how anyone can be an Assassin.

Though there does need to be a greater focus on stealth. Nine times out of ten, I just go "how did he NOT get seen?". But then again, it's hard to wish for stealth when their outfit is always very conspicuous.

JazMac341259d ago

Empty shallow games...Absolutely no substance to them, the story is generic (templars doing bad things, we must stop them!), the combat looks like it will be far too easy again with instant kill throwing knives and now instant kill environment objects.

No doubt it will have the same collect 100 of this and 1000 of that, capture this section of the city by burning a rag on a tower or killing some random dude...

Only reason this one might run somewhat better is because they've ripped the entire code straight from unity and they've now had the time since then to actually make it work.

robtion1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

Looks pretty good so far. Will keep an eye on it. I like the Tenchu style grappling hook.

My main concern is that they will load the game with lame horse and cart chases?

aLucidMind1259d ago

Revelations' cart chase in the very beginning was pretty good, though. Wouldn't mind seeing something similar to that again, as Ezio was pushed near his limit during that whole chase. Outside that one segment, no Assassin has ever been pushed very far outside their comfort zone; they always seem to have total control over every situation, which is a bit jarring for me. You may be mentally prepared for every situation, but nobody is ever prepared for everything to the point of not ever being stumped let alone to the point of not ever failing. I'd love to see an Assassin put through the wringer for once and dealing with a foe that can wear them down just as much as they wear their target down.

The-Marb1259d ago

Everyone has missed the most important point.

I.e. What will these games do when the setting no longer allows you to have giant bales of hay to jump in to?

Will a modern set game have the hero jumping into a piles of discarded iPhones or will they simply clumsily insert bales of hay into it anyway?


robtion1259d ago

Easy, use a Dumpster. Just like the movies ;)

KryptoniteTail1259d ago

She is the incarnate culmination of the collective tears of the vocal minority, SJWs, a vagina for the sake of it.

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