Five Facts - The Order: 1886

Franco ventures out on his own to bring back Five Facts on The Order: 1886!

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xHeavYx1229d ago

"Last as long as a movie"
Didn't know there were movies that are 5-8 hours long.

cl19831229d ago

The Ten Commandments, Gone with the Wind come to mind off hand, but here's list

Transistor1229d ago Show
TeamLeaptrade1229d ago

Sucks that this didn't turn out to be a massive hit.

ninsigma1229d ago

Yeah it's a shame. Personally I loved it but obviously there are aspects I would like to see improved. It set itself up nicely for the next though! :D

TFJWM1229d ago

I hope it sold enough to warrant a sequel. I know I want one for sure

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