GameShark: E3 08: Crysis Warhead Preview

"I've never seen that before!" exclaims Matt Bennett. A press colleague playing the demo in front of me had taken his vehicle into a cargo yard and cleared out the enemies. Apparently he had built up enough speed to bust through a barrier intended to make him do the area on foot. Seeing new things is part and parcel of working on a Crysis game, I suppose; Bennett says he is often surprised.

Crysis: Warhead fills in the gaps in the story of the original Crysis. Sgt. Sikes had gone on a special secret Delta Force mission, and this is that story. It's something about a special cargo in the hands of an unscrupulous Korean general, but really it's about finding a reason to blow things up. Warhead will have much more action, many more firefights and less of an open field of play like Crysis. It is a focused and finely tuned adventure, intended as a cinematic experience.

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