UK launch: Wii draws the crowds

The Wii went on sale in the UK at the stroke of midnight on Friday, drawing huge crowds on London's premiere shopping street in two massive lines.

At Nintendo's official event in HMV on Oxford Street, celebrities Ian Wright, Nell McAndrew, Pat Cash, and Ricky Hatton turned up to play Wii Sports. Cash and McAndrew played Wii Tennis, with Cash winning two games to zero. Wright and Hatton sparred at Wii Boxing, with the ex-footballer winning the virtual game against the boxer.

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Niall4392d ago

I was in the Blanchardstown shopping centre in Dublin. The supply of Wii consoles ther seemed very poor. The only store that seemed to have a decent number of consoles was Game, but apparently HMV only recieved 4 consoles, while Virgin got a grand total of 0. Also apart from Game no stores seemed to have supplies of games or accessories.
While it is understandable for shortages during a console launch, I think for a large stores like HMV and Virgin to get stock levels like this is a disgrace. And yes, by the way, I did have an unfulfilled pre-order, so maybe a little annoyed. Anyway, would be interested to hear other peoples experiences.

MicroGamer4392d ago (Edited 4392d ago )

Nintendo managed to underdeliver for the European launch. A lot of places won't even be able to fill their pre-orders. This is a case where the guys camping outside of stores that didn't do pre-orders had a better shot at getting one than people who ordered months ago. Supposedly there will be more by Christmas, but stores that did pre-orders will likely get preference on those, assuming the lorry doesn't get hijacked.

DC RID3R4392d ago

birmingham city center @ the pretty decent 12 o'clock midnight launch!!

the supplies seemed pretty tbh, decent amount of controllers (various), mem cards, and games all-round, but getting some compnent leads could be tricky (i got mines tho for £14.95!)

if you didn't pre-order try there, cos they said they had ENOUGH to go round!!

the wii has panned out just like i thought it would- great family/party oriented gaming with a next-gen twist!!!

now, where was i?........oh yeh.....back to lost planet!!!

commadore654389d ago

I preordered my wii months ago in sept. The preorder hasn't been canceled, just says 'awaiting stock' on their site.

But in the meantime I dont have any idea of when it will arrive.