Ubisoft Expects Rainbow Six Siege to Sell More Than Far Cry 4; No New IPs Coming

Ubisoft won't be announcing any new IPs in the near future, though they do expect Rainbow Six Siege to be a hit.

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The_Sage947d ago

I would be surprised if that happens, but you never know. I was really looking forward to it after the E3 demo.... Then I watched some beta play. It looks way different. I'll sit back and watch with quit trepidation.

jmc8888947d ago

Are you sure you aren't mistaking Siege with what was going to be 'Patriots'? That demo was the one that took place on the bridge.

The_Sage946d ago

I'm sure it is Siege. Take a look at the E3 demo on YouTube, then watch some beta footage... It is very different. It put me firmly in the wait and see camp. It's way down on my list now.

DeadlyFire946d ago

I don't know. CS:GO doesn't look like much graphically, but its matchmaking matches are very engaging and pull people into the game. Its caused the game to grow rapidly in the past year. Always stays in Steam's top 10 selling games. Siege could turn out like that, but it would have to land pretty big to keep that momentum. If the gameplay is a dud then it will fall flat.

I do agree though I was pretty impressed at E3, but the beta videos don't seem to impress me at all.

ThunderPulse940d ago

I agree with you man the E3 Demo looked a lot more fun than the beta footage. E3 Demo was Epic but the beta seemed really plain and average.

MilkMan947d ago

For their next trick they gonna turn lead into gold.

chrish1990947d ago

Only if they sell a lead bullet special edition...

Gamer1982947d ago

Yep not a prayer of selling more than FC4. I could mention several reasons but i CBA wasting my time..

VVgamer4lifeVV947d ago (Edited 947d ago )

Ubisoft is on my shiit list, as well as activision and EA.

Just cant trust them and well not buy their games unless it's a pre owned copy. They won't get any support from me

Errefus947d ago

sounds like your in denial

VVgamer4lifeVV947d ago

denial, How??

Sounds like you're drinking the Kool-aid and loving it.

EazyC947d ago

You stingy bastards better be injecting cash into its development

darksky947d ago

I'm sure Farcry is a more popular franchise than Rainbow 6 so their expectation is a bit over ambitious.

dreamed947d ago

Clancy games used to be the multiplayer benchmark...oh how they have fallen...tom's rolling in his grave i bet??.

splinter cell pt/chaos was and still is the best and most tactical game ever made TO DATE..FACT.

without total tactical team play on both sides you were fooked....anyone remember?..i know it was a long time ago but xbl hasnt been the same since original xbl was taken nxt gen bring bk classic clancy!!!!!!

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