Assassin's Creed Syndicate's Official Q&A Gives Lots of Info: Nine Studios Involved in Development

Ubisoft sent in a press release with an official Q&A about Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, explaining quite a lot about the newly revealed game.

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Christopher1313d ago

Nine studios involved meaning more disjointed management and a lack of singular vision like we saw with Watch Dogs? I seriously wish they would just give a single, large development team the three years of time they need to make a game with a single studio's vision and goals in mind.

Abriael1313d ago

I agree, I would actually love to hear how many people are working on it. Gonna ask it at the first chance.

Palitera1313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )

How many are working FULL TIME on it would be an interesting info.

skulz71313d ago

It takes them three years with 9 studios to make an AC game. I dont think one team would manage, but I agree, communication must be awful between the studios.

Christopher1313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )

Yeah, but those studios are much smaller in size and it takes more time because of how disjointed the whole process is. It would be streamlined and require less people if it was done under one large studio. The disjointed nature of it results in cutting certain story elements, cobbling together various in-game assets, and similar stuff that oftentimes doesn't make much sense. I brought up Watch Dogs specifically because its story, game world, and even gameplay suffered greatly because of the way they used a ton of smaller development teams to do certain things rather than centralizing it all and creating a more cohesive work under the same umbrella with less chance that work done by other teams would need additional modification to fit them into the world that had changed drastically in-house but not accounted for out-of-house.

Kingdomcome2471313d ago

I was going to say something very similar to what you've said, Christopher. It's tough to have cohesion in a project whilst being spread across various studios, and geographical areas. TMCC collection is an example of this, though the multiple engines surely didn't help either. Ori is an example of devs being spread out, and creating something seamless and wonderful, albeit on a decidedly much smaller scale than either of the aforementioned titles.

showtimefolks1313d ago

That's why the quality for each AC game has dropped. Way too many chefs in the kitchen. It's like 9 different visions for one game. And than AC fanboys whi defend ubi say we'll the game is given 3 years of development

I seriously seriously doubt that. More like 18 to 24 months of development with 800 plus members of development team. Yearly release please keep buying this crap because sooner or later you will see how ubi aew playing you all like bunch of kids who have to buy the new cool thing yearly

Hooray for yearly releases and quality of each AC game dropping

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TheCommentator1313d ago

Sorry in advance for the bad jokes, but I can't help it in this case... it's just too easy.

-Now they're running a train on a franchise they already whore out? Give the poor girl a rest!

-Maybe they should call it Out of Order: 1868 because, like Unity, it probably won't work right either!

brewin1313d ago

I cant stand how Ubisoft keeps churning these games out! I want to love the games, and Im in the minority since I actually enjoyed Unity, but take a year off for frig sake! Unity's main issue was the boneheaded move of making it online all-the-time. Thats why it ran like crap! I turned my online settings off completely while playing and it ran MUCH smoother. Other than that, if anyone would have given it the time they would see its the best AC since Brotherhood! Anyhow, I will be waiting until its $30 or below! If theyre gonna churn these fackers out every friggin single year then at least lower the price to $40 on release!

joel011313d ago

^^ and you Have to , just Have to play each game right ? just tackle them in your own speed. Didn't buy AC3 or unity , for me the last one was blackflag and I am actually looking forward to victorian london.